Crisis PR: Swami Nithyananda – India’s Leading Spiritual Guru May Be Promoting Sexual Healing

Swami Nithyananda

A huge story from India today reveals an alleged sex scandal involving Swami Nithyananda, one of India’s most popular spiritual gurus. A sex video, supposedly depicting Swami Nithyananda with as yet unidentified Tamil actress, was aired by several India TV outlets. This holy man has a worldwide following extending all over India, to Malaysia and even the United States. Everything PR News found the original Sun TV broadcast(below). Apparently Swami Nithyananda is promoting “sexual healing” now?

Update: I could not help but add a video of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” the atmosphere of this article was so thick with irony. Please be advised too, that none of these allegations against the Swami have been proven as of this update. We will advise you of any announcements. For now though, the good guru simply must have a sense of humor.

32 year old Swami Nithyananda, also known as Paramahamsa Nithyananda, was apparently caught on video which aired on Sun TV as well as other notable broadcast networks. Though the face of the actress was blurred, rumored has it that famous Tamil bombshell Ranjitha was the woman in question. This has however, not been confirmed nor denied by spokespeople from either celebrity. Sun TV has not as of yet revealed the location or situation of the video, but other reports suggest it may have some as part of a large sting operation at a hotel in Ashram.

Nithyananda has a YouTube channel from which followers can see media to help them “awaken the cosmic energy within” supposedly. The “Life Bliss Network”, as it is called, has a wealth of spiritual offerings for the following, and apparently has branches all over the world. If the reports coming out today are true, maybe the guru was just trying to stir up his companions cosmic karma? Who knows.

Until spokespeople can get into the act, the speculation alone is enough bad PR to sink the swami’s brand name significantly. Below is the suggested Sun broadcast via YouTube. Why is it I keep hearing the tune of “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye in my head?

This music video is obviously vintage. As a second thought, if these allegations are true, the Swami still has a career in cosmic curing via Marvin’s route.


  1. kaushik jogia says

    this is the best example of mass ignorance,its not the first time so one shoudnt be taken by all the areas of activity the ratio of demand and supplay plays the big role in life.History is the evidence yet we havent learn………….

  2. Rajan says

    Swamys are not to be blamed, it is people who believe in their miracles are to be blamed. They are simple human beings. Some time rowdies and cheats are becoming babas, because there is no other livelihood available for them. We idiots will not learn from our past mistakes. Any Tom Dick and harry can become sadhus, no qualification required. People should stop this man worshiping.

  3. Manmohan Singh says

    Babas and babes!! These two words make the news interesting.Historically Swamis/Babas had more sexual prowess than ordinary men.Whether its Satya Saibaba or this current Swami,hedonism was alwasy followed privately in Ashramas.
    Few years back,there was on Swami/Baba who used to claim that his ‘advice’ to childless couple will result in woman becoming pregnant.After some invetigation, it was found that this Swami was luring the women and used to have sex with them.
    Man Mohan Singh

  4. Chinmaya says

    One thing bothers me, why the spiritual gurus’ are expected not to have warm blood in them. Why should they be deprieved of the sensation that every healthy living creature is expected to have ?

    The video may by morphed, may be that with some reality.. hardly matters..but,why/how should it bothers the mob. Do not the news channel have any other jobs, other than exposing this person,that person. And this string operation to invade into ones privcay,into ones sex life ?? You are more corrupted, voyears ? Not it??

    Further, for the second time ,we really do not want to see such report, it exposes the cheapness of human values. Do not ask one to control his food, and his desire for sex to torment them by branding them as swamiji, guru etc. This is inhumane.

    Forget the myth that man is born as God on earth. He is just another struggling human being on earth like any of us. I do not know, who that Swami is. But I belive, he certainly posseses certain other goodness that made him what he is today. holy people(other than swami Nityananda) could you give a look into that.

    My honest wish would be to see more of the Swamiji to come forward openly, and express themselves as they are. God does not forbid sex. In higher form, Sex is just the transformation of a deeper human feeling.

    Swamiji, Please, Be yourself, no need of the fear of loosing disciple. They are of no use. Their perception change every moment. They will dance with media report. This is what they are. You do not dance with the public remarks/criticism.

    Consensual sex, and a crime ?? Hmm.. Reporter people, you are tired. Take a glass of water, go and take rest.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hello Chinmaya, I do not believe it is a crime to have consensual sex either. I also do not know if the Swami is even guilty of being in the video, it could easily have been contrived I suppose. This is why I continually use terms like “alleged”, “likely”, “probably”, “reportedly”, and etc. Reporting what happened, in the absence of a mountain of evidence, is all we can do. As for reporters taking a break? There is no break if we attempt to tell people what is going on. I would have reported this the same if the Swami had been charged with axe murdering a town, just the facts – and in this case a little tongue in cheek levity over the irony of it all.

      The crime here, if there is one, is in the lie. If the followers of the Swami believe that he is chaste, or “holy” by definition, then appearing in this way makes him a liar to those with faith. That is a bigger crime actually than breaking some hard a fast rule imposed by general society. I hope that makes sense to you.

      I appreciate all of you coming to comment. Very much actually. I really hope the man is innocent of any crude or inappropriate behavior if you want my true feelings on the matter. People who have faith, those who attempt to lead them into a better self, should get what they seek – sadly this seldom happens.


  5. Santana Dharmic says

    Hinduism is becoming more and more corrupt day by day by following this babas and swamis and guru…see how many babas are there..satya sai,,,kalki..mata amrita…and this nithyananda….they are impostures for sure..but people should be blamed and not the gurus…..they are just like politicians…with a different attire… Follow Bhagavadgita and you would know what Santana Dharma is

    karmendriyani samyamya
    ya aste manasa smaran
    indriyarthan vimudhatma
    mithyacarah sa ucyate (BG 3-6)

  6. says


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