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PR Tips from Carmichael Lynch’s Subaru Campaigns

2016-12-14 by EPR Staff
PR Tips to be Learned from Carmichael Lynch’s Subaru Campaigns

Looking at good PR efforts, no matter who the practitioner, is always an excellent way to improve skills and enhance creative efforts. Let’s look at three ways Carmichael Lynch has built their campaigns for Subaru’s Outback, Crosstrek, and Forester recently. Many different campaigns can benefit from Carmichael Lynch’s approach. Subaru owners often fall into the category of suburbanites with 2.5 kids, one or more pets, and passion for particular causes. The causes may vary from one owner to another, but putting together a list of several prominent charities to choose from should cover the inclinations of almost all buyers of... Read More >

Star Wars Drones Out In Time For Rogue One

2016-12-04 by Ronn Torossian
Star Wars Drone

It didn’t take long for Unmanned Flying Vehicles (AVF), otherwise known as “drones,” to become a hit on the consumer market. Soon, everyone had a friend or neighbor who owned a drone, and school kids were programming them in elementary schools. And, with consumer proliferation, comes consumer choice. That means promotional stunts and product placement. Enter Disney and Star Wars, the twin Death Stars of promotional merchandising expertise. This holiday season, living rooms and yards across the country will become re-enactments of the Battles of Endor or Hoth or the Death Star … or maybe a mashup of all the... Read More >

What recall? Samsung is soaring

2016-10-18 by EPR Staff

Remember last month when the recall of an exploding phone made Samsung the laughingstock of the mobile world? Well, that worm seems to have turned. First, some are reporting that the Galaxy’s top opponent in the marketplace, the iPhone, also has some overheating issues. But, more importantly, Samsung’s proper handling of the recall crisis created a PR win for the company. The good feeling from customers has driven sales and profits up for the Korean electronics company. As the company engaged in its recall of the dangerously defective handsets, component sales soared, creating a net win for Samsung, who watched its... Read More >

Food Industry Promotes Healthy, Simple Comfort Foods

2016-10-11 by EPR Staff
Food Industry Promotes Healthy and Simple Comfort Foods shares healthier version of favorite comfort foods – trading out pasta for “zoodles” and baked chicken for fried. There are many ways to “healthify” the foods we eat and that trend increases as seen on many social media platforms. Even regular favorites like Fettuccine Alfredo can be lighted up by adding in a host of fresh veggies, fewer noodles, and less sauce. Sometimes it is about making revisions to the products used in dishes, and sometimes it’s about balancing them with more vegetables or lean proteins. Replacing fats with other options – some still fatty, but healthier fats like... Read More >

Influencer Public Relations

2016-07-28 by EPR Staff
Influencer Public Relations

A news article, even in today’s world, usually tries for impartiality. Influencers, on the other hand, have no such need or requirement. In fact, they can absolutely take sides, steer in one direction, and promote products freely – generally, they disclose if they receive some kind of reward for doing so, but even then, the people following that influencer do so because of some feeling of common ground and experience. That’s why influencers can become a vital part of any PR campaign. Start with the Basics If you have a small business and are not able to pay for outside... Read More >

Dos Equis Has A New Most Interesting Spokesperson

2016-06-06 by Ronn Torossian
dos equis public relations

He was the Most Interesting Man in the World. Now he’s an average civilian. For weeks fans and marketing gurus wondered who would take over as the Most Interesting spokesman for Dos Equis beer. Turns out, it should be spokesperson. Sports reporter Erin Andrews landed the job, a major get that put her name in the headlines for something other than winning a $55 million lawsuit, damages levied due to a secret video that filmed Andrews in the nude without her knowledge or consent. The new gig doesn’t officially brand Andrews as the Most Interesting Woman in the World. In... Read More >

Retail PR: JC Penney Shifting Focus

2016-05-23 by EPR Staff
jcpenney marketing public relations

If you’re not living under a rock, you probably realize American department stores are having trouble. Across the board, most big names are seeing sales drop and customers find other places to buy what they want. But some are hurting worse than others. After first quarter sales numbers dropped much more than expected, JCPenney is scrambling to avoid a worse Q2. The double-digit loss was a shocker even for a business model suffering industry-wide difficulties. After a disastrous marketing shift in the 2000s, JC Penney rebounded with a new CEO and a back to what works approach. That helped stop... Read More >

Budweiser Rebrands As America

2016-05-20 by EPR Staff
Budweiser Rebrands As America

This may be the most presumptuous branding move in the beer industry since they coined the name, “King of Beers” … or it could be one of the most shrewd and audacious marketing moves of the decade. Recently, Budweiser announced, at least for the summer, it would be renaming its signature beer “America” for the duration of the season. No news yet on whether or not there will be an “America Lite”. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Budweiser, is, as has been widely reported, no longer an American company, as it is headquartered in Belgium. So, is it pandering... Read More >

McDonald’s Goes Fresh For Food

2016-05-19 by EPR Staff
Fast Food PR - Mcdonalds Fresh Food Marketing

In an effort to regain some lost ground in its key demographics, McDonald’s opted to try something fairly revolutionary in today’s fast food marketplace – fresh beef. Other chains have made the switch, and now it seems McDonald’s is going to give it a try. The transition will get a test run in a handful of Central Texas restaurants, most in the Dallas area, according to reports in CNN. But don’t expect the fresh beef on the Big Mac or cheeseburgers. Turns out the only sandwiches to receive the freshening up will be the quarter pounder, double quarter pounder, bacon... Read More >

What Value Is PepsiMoji’s Campaign?

2016-05-05 by EPR Staff
pepsi emoji pr marketing campaign

Pepsi started an emojis campaign to brand their product, but for the most part, they are using typical emojis – nothing exclusively connected to Pepsi. Some feel the new campaign is Pepsi’s slant on the Coca-Cola campaign where names were printed on their packaging. Pepsi’s using emojis instead of names. So instead of looking for your or a friend’s name on a bottle or can, you can look for an emotion and then share it with a friend. But a person’s name is very personal, an emoji is not. As part of the campaign, they are creating a series of... Read More >

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