Tips on Investing in Customer Experience

Customer experience is all about the way companies engage with their customers throughout every stage of the buying journey. That means customer experience doesn’t just support a business, it’s the core of every business. From customer support to marketing and sales, every element gives companies a touchpoint and an opportunity to improve the relationship they have with their customers by building trust. Companies that develop trusting relationships with their customers maintain customer loyalty over the long term. According to recent studies, about 80% of all customers believe that the experience that companies provide for them is just as important as the products or services that those businesses provide.


With everyone focusing on creating the ideal customer experience for their target audiences, and with consumer trust being fragile, companies need to establish accountability for all of their customer experience efforts. Companies should determine how every department inside a business can be included in designing and developing the customer experience from beginning to end. The best customer experience efforts are achieved when every single department that has a touchpoint with customers invests in creating a successful relationship between the business and its target audience. Customer experience efforts will be successful when they’re an organization-wide effort. That’s why the best customer experience teams are built of team members that come from different departments that directly affect the customer experience a company provides. That means companies should include their marketing, sales, customer service, product development, and user experience design team members when developing their customer experience efforts.

Long-term plans

For customer experience to be more effective, companies should be approaching it as an ongoing and foundational element of business operations. However, companies tend to look at customer experience through the lens of general customer service efforts, such as resolving issues from customers, or optimizing the responses that they give to their queries. Although effective conflict resolution is a big element of a strong customer experience strategy, it’s not the only element that companies need to focus on. Businesses need to provide value and trust to their customers through customer experience. That means companies should be evaluating their buying journeys and figuring out where they can invest in different touchpoints that will improve the overall customer experience. This way, companies can build long-lasting and trusting relationships with their customers, especially if they’re successfully able to demonstrate that they care about the target audience now, as well as in the future.

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