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Hunter PR: Hunter Public Relations Profile

2015-11-19 by EPR Staff
Hunter Public Relations

In the past, public relations mostly entailed managing brand images. Often, the marketing team handled brand management, and companies only remembered the importance of PR when a crisis hit. Now, companies recognize the importance of taking proactive action. Public relations agencies capitalize on this by providing a variety of services crossing over into marketing. These services not only build brand image, but also engage customers to translate interest into sales. Hunter PR capitalizes on this method to build a successful brand. A Brief History Barbara Hunter founded Hunter PR in 1989, becoming the first woman in America to run a... Read More >

Kekst and Company: Old-Time Principles and Success

2015-11-18 by EPR Staff
Gershon Kekst

  Kekst and Company organized forty-five years ago, holding stringent beliefs in the primacy of the client above all else. Every new client receives the benefit of a fresh perspective, using the firm’s impressive experience and judgment earned while providing business on the front lines facing difficult and obstinate business issues. They approach each client on a case by case basis, because every client is new, and their business needs unique. This fully-customizable method allows adaptability to every client’s communications requirements. Kekst takes pride in maintaining the highest standard of excellence throughout each assignment. To ensure a smooth and professional... Read More >

Stagwell Group Acquires Nation Research Group

2015-11-18 by EPR Staff
Mark Penn’s Stagwell Group

Mark Penn’s Stagwell Group announced yet another acquisition today, with the purchase of National Research Group, from Nielsen. The cost of the acquisition remains undisclosed and further expands the company’s reach, immediately following last month’s acquisition of SKDKnickerbocker by Stagwell. NRG is a major player in providing movie studios with market research about their releases.  Today’s purchase grants Stagwell the ability to use that data. Stagwell raised $250 Million Dollars in capital at the time of launch. In explaining his motivations for starting the firm, Penn explains: "‘From finding soccer moms to uncovering Microtrends,‘I have always believed that data and... Read More >

San Mateo, California Seeks a PR & Marketing Agency

2015-11-17 by EPR Staff
San Mateo County Human Services Agency

The San Mateo County Human Services Agency (HSA) seeks a marketing and communications firm to provide information to “existing and potential Agency clients, existing and potential partners, community agencies, and the general public.”  This government office provides Federal, State and local programs under a number of separate offices, including Children & Family Services (CFS), Economic Self Sufficiency (ESS), SMCWorks (Employment Services), and Collaborative Community Outcomes (CCO). They seek a firm who is able to “…quickly understand the diverse issues, communications challenges, and audiences of the HSA” for a three year engagement which commences in January 2016. Selected agency will be... Read More >

Federal Government Funding Health Program Seeking PR Company

2015-11-17 by EPR Staff
National Primate Research Centers

The seven National Institutes of Health-designated National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) are seeking a one-year engagement with a PR agency of record.  NPRC consists of seven American research programs, and is funded by the National Institute of Health, a department of the United States Department of Health and human services. The NPRCs form a network of unique institutions that serve as a national scientific resource for research that advances human health through the use of nonhuman primates. The centers provide animals, expertise and specialized facilities and equipment to scientists conducting research with nonhuman primates.  Additional information is available here. The... Read More >

Leading Bike Vacation PR Firm Cycling For Public Relations Company

2015-11-13 by EPR Staff
Duvine Cycling

DuVine Cycling and Adventure Company is on the hunt for a stellar public relations company. Duvine designs and leads luxury bicycle vacations in the world’s most amazing places—from the rolling hills of Tuscany and storied medieval villages of Provence to the Andean foothills of Argentina’s wine country and the lush vineyards of Sonoma. DuVine travelers learn that biking is the very best way to travel as it intimately connects you with a destination.  They customize tours, and seek to “amaze and astound guests with unforgettable experiences that will change their lives.” They seek to develop a PR firm with an... Read More >

Peppercomm Chosen As Public Relations Agency Of Record By Edible Arrangements

2015-11-11 by EPR Staff
edible arrangements

  Everything-PR News has exclusively learned that New York based Peppercomm has been chosen as the new Public Relations company of record for Edible Arrangements International, the Connecticut based franchise company that, according to Wikipedia “specializes in fresh fruit arrangements.”  Dallas based BizCom Associates – a franchise specialist company – will continue to manage franchise PR relations for the company. Edible Arrangements has more than 1,200 franchise locations open or under development worldwide, and has ranked “first in its category in Entrepreneur magazine's annual "Franchise 500," Entrepreneur's Top 40 of "Fastest Growing Franchises" and "America's Top Global Franchises." A source... Read More >

Burson-Marsteller: A PR Star in the Middle East

2015-11-10 by EPR Staff

Burson-Marsteller is a premier public relations firm with an impressive global reach – including in the Middle East, where the company’s most notable addition to their portfolio this year brought in the Prime Minister of Turkey. The Prime Minister hopes to use their help improving his image overseas. The firm boasts a steady foothold in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Its subsidiary, ASDA'A Burson-Marsteller established a strong reputation in the Middle East. Burson-Marsteller mainly represents corporations and organisations influencing public policy. Burson-Marsteller first entered the Middle Eastern market through Saudi Arabia in the 1970s. There, it worked with a longstanding... Read More >

Cohn and Wolfe: Bad Web Design is Bad PR

2015-11-09 by EPR Staff
Cohn and Wolfe Banner

  As anyone can attest, there is very little as annoying as odd sounds on a website, which is why it is so surprising that a large PR firm like Cohn & Wolfe would rattle and clank during a visit to their page. Their latest banner features a hoddle of coffee, a coffee cup, and cookies being placed in front of the visitor with a clatter, and the simple message, “Hello. We’ve been expecting you…” printed on a card and dangling in the middle. Granted, the banner draws attention, but a scramble for the volume control while looking around in... Read More >

APCO Worldwide Scandal Dominating Malaysia Media

2015-11-05 by EPR Staff
Paul Stadlen APCO Worldwide

The former head of the Kuala Lumpur office of APCO Worldwide, Paul Stadlen, is at the center of a scandal sweeping through Malaysia. Reports recently surfaced suggesting that the PR expert’s newest client is none other than the Prime Minister. Government officials want the truth of Stadlen’s relationship with the Prime Minister. But, Prime Minister Razak’s only comment to date is: “For your information… Paul Stadlen (Gregory) is a permanent resident (PR) in Malaysia… he is free to enter and leave this country for working purposes without having to own a working permit...” In spite of this reply, the Prime... Read More >

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