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“If a company does not think enough of themselves or their potential clients to make the best site (or store front) possible, then how can they be expected to convey their client’s ideals?”

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Social Media Spells Opportunity?

The real cost of a Web business is not product development but in product placement and growth. Social networks offer space for product placement, but is it realistic to expect sales boosts just from creating a profile in a network like, let’s say, Twitter?

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Another thought is; “Is using deceptively simple but powerfully effective powerful enough to effectively modify something that can uncover the core, unfiltered and spontaneous trigger that tells someone they are being baffled with BS, or will this cause people to act erroneously?

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Weber Shandwick: Say What You Mean Damnit!

This PR blunder comes from a PR agency in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. According to the Yorkshire Post, Weber Shandwick, a local PR firm, was hired by a paint manufacturer Tor Coatings to be their...