Fake Beauty, PR Boost for Plastic Surgery – Miss Plastic Hungary

This Friday was a night for unnatural beauties in Hungary.

In an effort to promote “the benefits” of plastic surgery, István Venyige, owner of Miss Plastic Hungary Ltd., organized the world’s first ever beauty contest for women who had plastic surgery. The organizer hoped that this event will eventually change the stereotypes, making plastic surgery an accepted form of beauty.

The contest attempted to prove (successfully) that plastic surgery is not all about overblown lips and pumped breasts. Plastic surgery can be tasteful, beautiful and helpful when nature can’t be of help any more, the contest organizers wrote on their site.

The pageant was exclusively opened to any women who had beauty operation done on their bodies – one of the participants even had plastic surgery done to her toes. The winners are Réka Urbán (feature photo), first runner-up Edina Kulcsar and second-runner up Alexandra Horvath.

Edina Kulcsár and Alexandra HorváthThe slogan of the contest was “beauty and harmony” – trying to convey a message to the audience, that the harmony of the body and soul can be reached by plastic surgery as well. The winner Réka Urbán received a brand new apartment as first prize. First runner-up Edina Kulcsar got a new car and second runner-up Alexandra Horvath took home diamond jewelry worth 2 million forints.

Organizer István Venyige hopes that this even will prove to be a turning point in the way people approach beauty. Whether Hungary will accept plastic surgery as a form of beauty remains to be seen. As far as István Venyige is concerned, the event certainly brought him international recognition.

A Beauty PR boost for Budapest and Hungary as well, and for the three “unnatural beauties” whose pictures traveled around the world online more than once since yesterday. As for plastic surgery, Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 achieved its goal of conveying beauty and harmony.

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