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Time for Virtual?

2020-06-11 by JamesD
Virtual World Marketing

Brands which have been shuttered or partially closed because of COVID-19 might be wise to consider virtual receptionists to help manage consumer calls if they don’t have personnel deployed remotely to answer calls 24/7. Maintaining customer trust and loyalty will be even more important after the pandemic is over. Even before the pandemic was declared, 67% of those surveyed by SalesForce said their expectations about brands were higher than ever. In 2019, CRM solutions provider SuperOffice reported that more than $62 billion is lost each year by brands because of bad consumer practices. Probably the most critical discovery by SuperOffice... Read More >

Four Ways Brick & Mortar Establishments Can Market During Covid

2020-05-13 by Ronn Torossian

It’s no shock to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone. From healthcare workers putting their lives at risk every time they go to work, to parents who have lost jobs, it’s a tough time for everyone, financially or otherwise. Brick and mortar business owners are no exception. With most Americans being told to stay at home and obey social distancing guidelines, it’s nearly impossible to effectively market a brick and mortar business… or is it? These four tips will help with marketing during COVID-19 for creative ideas to engage customers remotely. 4 Ways to Do Brick... Read More >

W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News…

2020-05-08 by Jim Crickell
Introducing Jim Weiss: The Founder of W2O

W20 Group, Ruder Finn & More PR News… Bryan Specht appointed W2O’s Group President for Transformation, Consumer Activation, and Marketing W2O, the leading independent provider of analytics-driven, digital-first marketing communications to the healthcare industry, has announced that Bryan Specht will take on the role of transforming consumer activation ad marketing. Specht’s role will involve expanding the already wide-ranging healthcare offering, which will include even more tech-enabled, consumer-focused, and digital capabilities. This way, the company is going to speed up its transformation into a digital healthcare organization. The company already had five acquisitions during the previous few months, which are aimed... Read More >

Haute Residence Massive Success With Real Estate Webinars

2020-04-29 by Jade Minh

The first three weeks of Haute Residence’s live webinar series have covered the real estate industry, how the market has performed the last few months and its reaction to quarantine and social distance ordinances—yielding great engagement and discussion from expert panelists and listeners. Over 40 developers, brokers, and top agents spread throughout the luxury markets in the United States and Europe, including Los Angeles, New York, The Hamptons, South Florida, Aspen, Paris, Monaco, and many more have impressed the thousands of viewers with expert knowledge of their markets and the industry as a whole. "We have done 17 webinars and counting, with the... Read More >

“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”

2020-04-03 by JamesD
Changing Environment

Most of us recognize those familiar words from marriage ceremonies we’ve witnessed over the years or even been a part of. That phrase more recently is one being taken up by community activists and directed at corporate leaders. Until a few years ago, brands that took stands were viewed negatively and there was no upside. Although the jury’s out on many matters today, there is a noticeable change in the air. What’s Changed? For one, the Gen Z’ers are coming of age. Some, like Greta Thunberg, who recently was named Time Magazine Person of the Year for her stand on... Read More >

Lansons Intermarket: Scaling the Heights

2020-03-26 by JamesD
growth hack

Founded in 1986, Lansons Intermarket has a client roster including a diverse clientele of firms around the globe. The firm’s recent rebranding follows its acquisition by leading reputation management firm Lansons. Based in New York, the strategic communications firm’s rebranding heralds a new phase of transatlantic partnerships with UK-based Lansons. The leading public relations and marketing services firm provides PR services in the global financial service space. More recently, though, its client portfolio has grown to include firms in education and technology. The recent rebranding exercise places Lansons Intermarket in a superior position to assist organizations in managing their reputation and... Read More >

M&P Сommunications: Information On Who Do Ukranians Trust?

2020-03-26 by JamesD
M&P Сommunications

M&P Сommunications, a leading PR agency in Ukraine has gathered data from the latest research of Research & Branding Group below to help companies figure out which communication channel will be effective on the Ukrainian market. If you do business in the Ukrainian market, or consider it as potentially attractive, it is important to know and understand what the effective communication channels in the PR field are. According to the results of the four main types of media sources, the vast majority of Ukrainians prefer two — TV — 54% and the Internet — 38%. Radio and the press are perceived as the... Read More >

Amazon Fights Back Against Price Gouging

2020-03-17 by JamesD

In the wake of the – let’s call it “enthusiastic preparation” – related to the coronavirus spreading across the globe, specific medial and safety items have been selling at much higher rates than usual. Wipes, cleaners, masks, and other related sanitary and sanitizing products have been flying off store shelves. Big box retailers and larger pharmacy stores such as CVS and Walgreens have put out messages saying they might experience “shortages” of disinfecting products including wipes and hand sanitizer. In the wake of these announcements, as well as those empty shelves, some savvy shoppers have turned to the internet to... Read More >

Epidemic PR: How Should the Media Cover the Coronavirus?

2020-03-13 by JamesD
Epidemic PR

Every day on social media, there are memes, articles, and “takes” on what to do, feel, and think about the coronavirus. Some are played for laughs, others purport to be authoritative, and many fall somewhere on a spectrum between those descriptions. This reality, on its face, telegraphs a challenge the traditional media faces when covering any news these days, much less a story about a potential international virus epidemic. First, the media companies need to get the story right, and they need to be able to convey that message clearly. It’s not just about making sure people don’t panic, but... Read More >

Pr News From MWWPR, 42 West & Porter Novelli

2020-03-09 by Jim Crickell

David Bentley Named New CEO at Porter Novelli After being vacant since mid-December, the top spot at Porter Novelli has been filled by David Bentley, former Vice President of Digital at McKinsey & Company. In announcing his selection, the PR firm said the appointment was immediate and that Bentley would continue to assist clients to “find, live and tell their purpose.” Prior to McKinsey, Bentley had his own consulting firm and was a senior executive at AKQA in Europe and North America. He takes over the post vacated by Brad McAfee who replaced Karen van Bergen in 2016 when she... Read More >

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