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Northwest Regional Council Issues Marketing RFP

2020-09-18 by EPR Staff

Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) is an association of county governments that has been serving the people of the North Sound region (Island, San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties) since 1971. We are a local municipal agency and are governed by a board of directors that is composed of two elected officials from each member county. Background: As an association of county governments, the Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) has been serving people of Island, San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties since 1971. We are a regional governmental agency and are governed by a board of directors that is composed of two elected officials from each... Read More >


2020-09-16 by EPR Staff

A vendor has been selected to develop the website. The purpose of this request for proposal is to seek a marketing professional to develop content for the website on an ongoing basis. Canton, Connecticut is a town of approximately 10,300 people located on the Farmington River in the North Central region of Connecticut. Following its early days of being known internationally for the production of axes and machetes, Canton has evolved into an attractive location for a broad range of professionals who work in the region’s advanced manufacturing, finance, sports entertainment and health sciences sectors. The town hosts hundreds of... Read More >

Marketing Services for the City of Los Angeles Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) Program

2020-09-15 by EPR Staff

Purpose: The City of Los Angeles is looking for qualified marketing firms to provide marketing services for the City’s Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) program. The Consultant is expected to conduct market research, develop messaging and creative content, and implement a strategic marketing campaign for RYLAN. In addition, the Consultant will track campaign progress and provide actionable recommendations to the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department. The goal of this RFP is to increase awareness of the emergency threats that Angelenos face, and to compel residents to engage in proactive personal and community preparedness activities, specifically the RYLAN program.... Read More >

Yukon Government, Department of Tourism Issues Marketing RFP

2020-09-10 by EPR Staff

The Marketing Unit of the Department of Tourism and Culture (Tourism Yukon) is seeking a single marketing agency to support the development, implementation and evaluation of the Tourism Yukon Marketing Plan to meet the goals of the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy. The marketing agency will interpret and incorporate these plans primarily into the consumer channel, and occasionally in the travel trade and public relations (PR) channels. Marketing activities will include: developing, implementing, and evaluating consumer marketing programs and campaigns, digital marketing, developing creative, providing media buying and public relations services, supporting tourism-related events, marketplaces and missions, and providing travel trade... Read More >


2020-09-09 by EPR Staff

The Empower College and Career Center is a Georgia College and Career Academy established to serve students all across the greater Jackson County community. It is an educational partnership with businesses in Jackson County and the surrounding area, the Jackson County Board of Education, Lanier Technical College, and the University of North Georgia. The purpose of a college and career academy is to provide personalized learning experiences through a shared-time academic program. It is designed to serve students in grades 9-12 through specialized Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education and dual enrollment programs by providing a variety of high-tech and academic... Read More >

UNDP Turkey Issues Communications RFP

2020-09-04 by EPR Staff

The objective of the assignment is to correctly raise awareness towards Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Turkey to ensure their engagement in motor replacement programmes using one-stop-shop financial mechanisms to accelerate market transformation towards more efficient electric motors in SMEs. The assignment will cover improvement and management of the project website, producing written content, and developing and operation of the nation-wide awareness raising media campaign and visibility activities, all highlighting the overall objective and expected results of the Project and key messages to the target audience. Background: In Turkey, 47% of net electricity consumption is from the industrial sector... Read More >

Central Basin Municipal Water District Issues Public Relations RFP

2020-09-02 by EPR Staff

The District is seeking proposals from qualified companies. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to demonstrate the background, qualification, competence, and capability of the company seeking to undertake these services with the District. The District seeks to hire a media and public relations consultant to provide advice and services related to the full range of the District’s operations and governance, including strategic planning as well as responses to immediate issues that may arise during the course of the District’s operations. Background: Central Basin Municipal Water District (Central Basin or District) is a public agency that purchases imported... Read More >


2020-09-01 by EPR Staff

COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA-RELATED SERVICES FOR 2020 CENSUS NEEDED To plan and implement a statewide communications and media-related services campaign that will educate Texans about the importance of responding to the 2020 Census. The campaign will reach Texans through multiple channels, including broadcast, print, and digital creative deliverables. Background: The purpose of the 2020 Census is to conduct a census of population and housing and to disseminate the results to the President, the states, and the public. The goal of the 2020 Census— which is mandated by the U.S. Constitution to occur once every ten years—is to count everyone once, only... Read More >


2020-08-30 by EPR Staff

The Washington Convention and Sports Authority (t/a Events DC) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide Strategic Communications, Social and Digital Media, and Community Engagement Services for Events DC projects and/or initiatives. Background: A.1 The Washington Convention and Sports Authority is an independent authority of the District of Columbia Government (the “District”) and operates as a corporate body with a legal existence separate from the District. The Authority trades as Events DC and is governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors appointed in accordance with D.C. Official Code §10-1202.05. Its day-to-day operations are managed by its President/Chief Executive Officer.... Read More >


2020-08-30 by EPR Staff

The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals to establish a contract through competitive negotiations for the procurement of a Full-Service marketing agency to promote the Village of Ruidoso Convention Center. Background: The purpose of this Request for Proposals (hereinafter “RFP”) is a means to select an Offer that results in the selection of the best qualified Offeror most suitable to the needs of the Village. Scope of Work: The term of this Price Agreement shall be for one (1) year beginning on or about October 13, 2020 with the option to extend for a... Read More >

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