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Media RFP Issued By University of Colorado System

2021-09-07 by EPR Staff
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The purpose of this request is to solicit proposals to provide specialized media buying; the creation of paid social media assets; data-driven research to evaluate the campaign; and other materials deemed relevant to the campaign. As the world becomes more digital, ODE is ramping up to increase the number of online students by 20,000 net new students by the Fall of 2026. In order to reach this goal, the CU Online program will need to generate upwards of 200,000 leads per year. To support this volume of incoming prospective students, we will require the support of additional resources to handle... Read More >


2021-09-03 by EPR Staff
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The Calvert County Health Department Local Behavioral Health Authority is issuing this Request for Proposals to assist in breaking the stigma of Medication Assisted Treatment. The Awardee will be tasked with creating a media campaign targeting Calvert County residents that delivers the message that Medication-Assisted Treatment saves lives. Background: The Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration has awarded Calvert County "Buprenorphine initiative" funding. This award is in support of the ongoing national efforts to increase awareness and treatment services for individuals diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorders (OUD} due to the ongoing opioid epidemic. Calvert County is dedicated to providing... Read More >

Let’s Stop HIV Together OY1 Media Buying

2021-08-31 by EPR Staff
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Purpose: The vendor will provide the management and support that will allow data unification and media execution across a single technology platform, as opposed to working with multiple partners for various initiatives. This will help us manage our advertising through a single advertising platform infrastructure and will allow us to do the following: • Consolidation of ad exposure data across digital buying platforms • Streamlined audience management and unified buying strategy • Advanced audience targeting and data-driven optimizations • Single trafficking workflow • Control for audience overlap proper reach & frequency management This includes managing placements on two of our... Read More >

Branding RFP Issued By College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

2021-08-27 by EPR Staff

The College is seeking proposals to support a major rebranding initiative. The outcomes of this initiative will include: • Research (e.g. interviews, focus groups, surveys, audit of existing brand and creative assets) • Defining audience personas for testing • A new visual identity—a logo/wordmark • A cohesive branding platform that supports the goals and essence of the College • Supporting brand guidelines • Supporting visual elements • Consistent application of the visual identity in all communication and public outreach activities • Increased public awareness about the College and its role in the health-care system College of Physicians and Surgeons of... Read More >

Public Relations RFP Issued By City of Agoura Hills

2021-08-26 by EPR Staff

Purpose: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify the appropriate consultant to support the City of Agoura Hills’ strategic communications, media relations, and public relations priorities. The City of Agoura Hills continually works to improve processes to increase community awareness, responsiveness, and engagement. Our desired partner will have the capacity to, among other things: • Provide strategic counsel and direction, actively share and promote our message(s) consistent with the City Council’s and City Manager’s direction, • Amplify City-successes • Minimize the impact of controversial issues • Play an active role in implementation of the City’s approved... Read More >

Advertising RFP Issued By Government of Ontario

2021-08-25 by EPR Staff
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To establish a Vendor of Record (VOR) for Advertising and Marketing Communications Services as required by Ontario Government Ministries and Agencies. Background: Established in September 1985, the Advertising Review Board (ARB) is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS). The ARB was created in order to demonstrate the government’s commitment to protecting the public’s trust in the awarding of advertising and communications contracts, as well as ensuring equitable and responsible practices are followed in the procurement of these services, and that value for money is delivered to government clients. Under the authority of the Management... Read More >

Social Marketing RFP Issued By SRHR Africa Trust

2021-08-19 by EPR Staff
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1 Qz00Ow5uy5PY9rpx4Z6VPQ SRHR Africa Trust (SAT) & YouthWyze seek proposals from qualified and experienced organizations to support digital Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR) campaigning with and for young people in 13 African countries. Campaigning will include, but not be limited to, providing campaign strategy and structure and assisting in manging delivery of both; developing digital content for information, education, and communication work; and social media support services for SAT’s YouthWyze programme. In addition, it will include designing functionality to support basic digital survey work with young people. Background: SAT is a 31 year old regional non-governmental, non-profit organisation working to increase the agency and... Read More >

Digital RFP Issued By Population Services International (PSI)

2021-08-11 by EPR Staff

The PSI Social Business Unit team is seeking a partner digital agency that can help us create and execute effective and inspiring launch of a digital marketing solution and lifestyle brand that will: Improve access to relevant, personalized and on-demand sexual wellness information on digital channels, by becoming the go-to source for edutainment content; Background: PSI is a nonprofit global health organization active in 50 countries with global programs targeting malaria, HIV, and reproductive health. Overview of the program, goal/objective PSI is a non-profit and has been in operation for 50 years. To continue to sustainably meet the health needs... Read More >

Digital Advertising RFP Issued By James Madison University

2021-08-04 by EPR Staff

James Madison University (JMU) is a comprehensive university in Harrisonburg, Virginia that is part of the statewide system of public higher education in the Commonwealth. The university offers programs on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels with its primary emphasis on the undergraduate student. There are eight (8) colleges, a Graduate School, and a Professional and Continuing Education program. JMU’s current enrollment is approximately 22,000 full and parttime students. The University employs approximately 4,000 faculty and staff. University Marketing & Communications works to raise awareness and increase engagement with the JMU brand to ultimately aide in the recruitment of the... Read More >

Digital Marketing RFP Issued By Truman State University

2021-07-15 by EPR Staff

Purpose: Truman State University is requesting sealed proposals from qualified firms to provide the University with an international digital marketing plan and associated services. Background: Truman’s vision is to “…demonstrate its public liberal arts and sciences mission by developing educated citizens needed to protect our democracy and offer creative solutions to local, state, national and global problems. It will do so through transformative experiences that fosters critical thought, daring imagination and empathetic understanding of human experiences at home and around the world. Truman graduates will be citizen-leaders committed to service; globally competitive; able to thrive in the complexities of an... Read More >

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