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Texas A&M University Issues RFP For Marketing & Communications

2019-02-27 by Jim Crickell

Texas A&M University Issues RFP For Marketing & Communications Plan  Texas A&M University Health Science Center subsequently referred to as TAMUHSC, is seeking Request for Proposals to agree to provide a Marketing and Communication Plan for the Center for Optimizing Rural Health (CORH) inside the A&M Rural and Community Health Institute (ARCHI). Background: The Texas A&M Health Science Center provides the state with health education, outreach and research through campuses in Bryan-College Station, Dallas, Temple, Houston, Round Rock, Kingsville, Corpus Christi, and McAllen. Its five colleges are the College of Dentistry, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Irma Lerma... Read More >

Office of the State Superintendent Issues Marketing & Media RFP

2019-02-25 by Jim Crickell
education system news

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Division of Student Transportation (OSSE-DOT) seeks a qualified contractor to develop, provide and implement a Brand Strategy Plan and Marketing Communications Program on behalf of OSSE-DOT. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education - Division of Student Transportation (OSSE-DOT) is a regional transportation system within the State Education Agency that transports eligible students with disabilities who are residents of the District of Columbia who require transportation services to/from their educational programs. OSSE-DOT provides school bus transportation services to approximately 3200 special needs students annually. OSSE-DOT is required to provide "safe and... Read More >

University of Washington Issues Marketing and Communication RFP

2019-02-12 by Jim Crickell
University-of-Washington news

Purpose: This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is issued by the University of Washington to solicit proposals from qualified team (which may include joint ventures and nonprofit organizations) to brand Ascend 2020 (to be rebranded as Ascend) as the premier ecosystem development strategy for growing businesses owned by people of color, women, veteran, and inner city businesses; to enhance the Consulting and Business development Center’s recognition as a national leader in development of businesses in under-served communities, and furthering the national recognition of JPMorgan Chase in its commitment to growing businesses in under-served communities. Background: The University of Washington (UW) is... Read More >

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues Creative Content RFP

2019-01-30 by Jim Crickell
American Academy of Pediatrics

The AAP holds a cooperative agreement for the Physician Engagement and Training Focused on Breastfeeding project with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to build capacity to engage physicians and relevant stakeholders to promote progress in breastfeeding education and improve clinical skills in providing evidence-based practices supportive of breastfeeding by: 1) increasing availability and accessibility of breastfeeding education, training, and certification opportunities and 2) supporting the safe implementation of evidence-based breastfeeding practices in maternity care facilities. The AAP is seeking a Creative Content and Curriculum Development Consultant to conduct market research and develop a plan to assess and repurpose... Read More >

Visit Maldives Issues Marketing RFP

2019-01-22 by Jim Crickell

Visit Maldives Issues Marketing RFP The objective of this project is to assist the Guesthouses to find potential target markets, and choose the right marketing tools to develop an action plan and explain the different marketing strategies used in the tourism industry. The MMPRC intends to conduct two-day seminars for marketing staff of the Guesthouses of the Maldives. This Request for Proposal seeks a contractor for this project. Background: Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a... Read More >

City of Bozeman Issues Public Relations RFP

2019-01-14 by Jim Crickell

City of Bozeman Issues Public Relations RFP The City of Bozeman (“COB”) requests proposals from consultants qualified in the practice of public relations and strategic communications to assist the COB with public outreach, education, and communications efforts related to the Sourdough Creek Municipal Watershed Fuels Management Project. Said project is aimed at reducing the risk and severity of wildfire in the Sourdough Creek municipal watershed through the implementation of vegetative management best practices that strategically reduce fuel loads, thereby increasing the overall resiliency of municipal water supply infrastructure to withstand a wildfire event. The COB desires to develop and execute... Read More >

Kenya Tourism Board Issues Digital Media RFP

2019-01-13 by Jim Crickell
Kenya Tourism Board Issues Digital Media RFP

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is looking for a partner in Communication that will work closely with them in the implementation of the Destination Kenya Marketing Strategy in its priority markets. KTB seeks one single company, capable of offering Integrated Communications services such as branding, advertising, public relations, digital marketing and media buying. The selected company will work with KTB to achieve the Communication goal and objectives established in Destination Kenya’s Marketing Strategy. Background: Kenya’s best performing index in the global front is awareness, which sits at 55% against a global index of 66% (County Brand Index 2014). The conversion... Read More >

University of Arkansas Issues Marketing RFP

2019-01-10 by Jim Crickell

The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, acting on behalf of the University of Arkansas Department of Athletics, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas (UA) is seeking bid proposals from qualified and reputable firms to establish a term contract to provide marketing and communications services pursuant to the specifications, terms and conditions stated in this RFP (“Proposal(s)”). UAF Global Campus seeks proposals to support development and implementation of: The U of A Global Campus seeks proposals for                 (1) Media buys (execution and maintenance) or                 (2) Creative and marketing services, or                 (3) Both 1 and 2. Background: The... Read More >

California Correctional Health Issues Branding RFP

2019-01-09 by Jim Crickell

California Correctional Health Issues Branding RFP The California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) work together to maintain a constitutional level of health care for patients in California’s 35 correctional institutions. To this end, CCHCS has created robust Medical, Mental Health, and Dental Programs to provide quality care throughout the state. These programs are supported by Headquarters based in Elk Grove and multiple Regional Offices. With an emphasis on quality management, institutions within the CDCR/CCHCS health care system are coming out of federal receivership and competing with private sector health care employers for... Read More >

Berkeley Police Department Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

2019-01-06 by Jim Crickell

The Berkeley Police Department (BPD) is soliciting proposals to partner with the most capable marketing firm to enhance the department’s recruiting efforts. The Department is looking to create a digital marketing campaign, strong web presence and recruiting video production that truly embodies the values and rich history that make the Department unique from any other. The firm should have experience in marketing research, message/positioning development, including development of brand values statement; logo development and graphic standards; recommendations for brand rollout and implementation to include interactive and social media marketing as well as traditional marketing, media and promotions; and recommendations for... Read More >

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