Ads and Content on Facebook Lead to Spike in Sales

2012-06-12 by EPR Staff

People that are exposed to paid content and ads on Facebook are more likely to buy products from the brand doing the advertising, according to a new study released today. ComScore’s "The Power of Like 2" research report goes to show that social media advertising is useful in achieving marketing objectives like reach, brand resonance, and ultimately sales. The study was conducted on two groups of Starbucks and Target fans, one exposed to organic brand content, and another one that hasn’t been and followed their activity for four weeks. The results showed that the of the group exposed to content... Read More >

Content Creation Plays Key Role in Establishing Thought Leadership

2012-06-04 by EPR Staff
content marketing public relations

Content curation is one of the new trends in communications, as any marketing and communication expert will tell you, and it turns out that content is greatly perceived as an effective way of establishing thought leadership, as a new study shows. One of the biggest challenges is to actually provide interesting content in a world where there is too much information and where often we see articles with bombastic titles that turn out to be lacking great content. Content curation services provider Curata carried out a survey in March 2012 reaching out to more than 400 US marketers and agencies... Read More >

Social Sign-up Now Available for GraphicMail Email Newsletters

2012-05-29 by EPR Staff

[caption id="attachment_31935" align="alignleft" width="245"] GraphicMail allows you to create newsletters and publish targeted email, mobile and social media through a single application.[/caption] GraphicMail has partnered with Janrain to integrate social sign-up into its clients’ customizable newsletter signup forms. Inspired by the registrations and sign-ups via social networks, the offer is a first for a hosted self-service email marketing company catering to small businesses. The new social subscribe feature is fully integrated into the newsletter subscription form, providing marketers a simpler way to grow their contact lists, as well as simplifying and increasing the accuracy of the subscription process, driving increased... Read More >

Memorial Day, More than a PR and Sales Opportunity for Military Families

2012-05-25 by EPR Staff
Memorial Day

As any major US holiday, Memorial Day represents a huge PR and advertising opportunity for business owners to boost brand awareness and drive sales. Various retailers and commercial brands "celebrate" Memorial Day with discounts and special offers. Among them, Select Rugs offers up to 40% off discount on popular brands of rugs and area rugs throughout; SilverTribe jewelry is welcoming summer by slashing prices on the season's hottest summer trends during a massive Memorial Day sale; TigerChef is offering a generous discount on all orders of $75 or more now through May 28, 2012; Thrive Furniture celebrates its new... Read More >

German Consumers Relying Heavily on Traditional Media

2012-05-23 by EPR Staff
Top Germany PR Firms

Germans consume a lot of media, but surprisingly perhaps for many people, traditional media are the most accessed. TV, radio, magazines and newspapers are the top 4 most used media according to a recent study by BITKOM, the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. In March 2012 99% of the population ages 14-and-older watched TV. 94% of the respondents said they listened to radio and just as many people declared they read magazines and newspapers. Internet is only the 5th medium in this top, with 76% mentioning it. 55% of the respondents said they use social media,... Read More >

Users Love To Surf Online, Study Shows

2012-05-14 by EPR Staff

If there was anyone wondering whether the online presence is a must for a company these days, they now have the answer: people love to consume online content, from home or from the office, as a recent study shows. The results of a survey for Broadcom conducted by research firm JZ Analytics  among US internet users show that 87% of them consume 11 or more hours of online content per week, at their workplaces or homes. During this period they surf the internet, watch online video or check their email. But out of all the respondents, 54% stated they consumed... Read More >

ICANN Collects $350 Million in gTLD Application Fees

2012-05-08 by EPR Staff
icannlogo everything-pr

ICANN has revealed some shocking numbers for its new generic top-level domain (gTLD) applications. Since the application window opened in January, ICANN has received over 2,091 applicants and collected $350 Million. The application window closed April 12. It is not clear exactly what ICANN is going to do with all that money, as it is a non-profit organization and is now well over its budget. What is clear, however, is that there will be quite a few new gTLD once the dust settles. ICANN has temporarily taken the TAS (TLD Application System) offline to fix some glitches, but will reopen... Read More >

Most SMBs Fail to Promote Social Profiles on Their Websites

2012-04-16 by EPR Staff
social media icons everything-pr

A meager 19.5 percent of small and medium sized businesses link to their Facebook page from their website and even less to their Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, shows data released by data collection and analyses engine SMB DigitalScape. vSplash’s engine analyzed over 1 million SMB from  14 countries, of which more than 700,000 were from the USA and identified a common trend: businesses fail to properly use their website to promote social media presence.  The situation is worse than just failing to use social media to their advantage: 74.7 SMB websites have no email link on their homepage where customers... Read More >

GetResponse for Android: More Control for Your Email Campaigns

2012-04-12 by EPR Staff
getresponse app

[caption id="attachment_34146" align="alignleft" width="250"] New smartphone app offers instant mobile access to GetResponse email marketing[/caption] GetResponse, one of the top email marketing providers in the world, has launched a new Android App that gives email marketers control of their campaigns, marketing lists and email reports straight from their phones. GetResponse already provided mobile access for iPhone users – the Android App is just the logical evolution in GatResponse’s mobile email marketing service. According to an AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 72% of mobile users use mobile apps in their business, and 38% claim they couldn’t live without them. The app is available on Google... Read More >

Mobile Apps Displaying Ads Kill Smart Phones Batteries Faster

2012-03-22 by EPR Staff

Did you ever use mobile phone app that displayed ads (in order to be a free version) and saw that your mobile phone’s battery was drained very fast? Well, it’s natural, according to a new report from Microsoft and Purdue University which shows that such applications have a rate of power usage up to 75% higher than other apps. Researchers concluded that in some apps – like famous Angry Birds, the free version – most of the power usage was due to 3G network traffic, up to 45% of that consumption being generated by ads. These advertisements served over the... Read More >

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