Users Love To Surf Online, Study Shows

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If there was anyone wondering whether the online presence is a must for a company these days, they now have the answer: people love to consume online content, from home or from the office, as a recent study shows.

The results of a survey for Broadcom conducted by research firm JZ Analytics  among US internet users show that 87% of them consume 11 or more hours of online content per week, at their workplaces or homes. During this period they surf the internet, watch online video or check their email. But out of all the respondents, 54% stated they consumed at least 21 hours of digital content in a given week.

The people who are always on the run and who use laptops, smartphones or tablets have a lower digital content rate consumption. Only 31% of the persons in this group said they consume 11 or more hours on the internet.

Another interesting fact revealed by the survey – or maybe a simple confirmation of what many already thought– is that people look more and more for video content. And there are some supporting figures: 58% of respondents mentioned they watched online videos on sites like YouTube, web-based streaming services delivering user-generated content. Also, more than one-third of the polled people declared they watched content on full-episode player sites. Other impressive figures in this direction show that more than two-thirds of the respondents admitted to watching at least one online video a day, while about one-quarter of them said they watched three or more videos during the same time period.

These conclusions shouldn’t come as a surprise though. Anyone can look to what co-workers or family members or friends do all day long and see that quite often people are online, searching for information or simply having fun. The video content is continuously drawing more users due to the fact that the Internet connections and the technology used by such web-based streaming sites is getting better and faster.

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