comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0 Measures Social Media Mobile Usage

comscore everything-prcomScore released Mobile Metrix 2.0, a mobile behavioral measurement service that offers actionable customer mobile behavior insights for advertisers, agencies, publishers and app developers.

Using Mobile Metrix 2.0, advertisers and agencies can understand which mobile sites and apps perform most effectively against their target audiences in terms of audience size and composition; optimize mobile ad spend and analyze the emerging media trends that signal new opportunities for reaching and engaging the desired audiences.

Mobile Metrix 2.0 brings comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement™ to smartphone devices, combining passive on-device measurement with census-level data to provide one of the most accurate and detailed views into actual U.S. mobile media usage across apps and mobile browsing.

The metrics are vital for advertisers and agencies, as they reveal statistic otherwise unavailable, eliminating a guessing process, and answering once and for all a question that troubles many business owner: do I need a mobile-ready site?

For instance, Mobile Metrix 2.0 enables reporting of unduplicated audience sizes across app and browser usage – revealing, for instance, that Americans now spend more time on Google sites mobile than on its websites:

Smartphones drive significant engagement for leading social networking brands, and there is no reason for smaller brands not to take advantage of the trend. Sure, no one can reach the popularity enjoyed by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest over night, but with in-depth data from Mobile Metrix 2.0, and a creative market approach, the impossible is withing reach.

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