Social Sign-up Now Available for GraphicMail Email Newsletters


GraphicMail allows you to create newsletters and publish targeted email, mobile and social media through a single application.

GraphicMail has partnered with Janrain to integrate social sign-up into its clients’ customizable newsletter signup forms. Inspired by the registrations and sign-ups via social networks, the offer is a first for a hosted self-service email marketing company catering to small businesses.

The new social subscribe feature is fully integrated into the newsletter subscription form, providing marketers a simpler way to grow their contact lists, as well as simplifying and increasing the accuracy of the subscription process, driving increased conversions. Instead of a name and email address, business owners now have access to rich social profile data shared by subscribers who opt-in for the newsletter. Marketers will thus have a better understanding of their subscribers’ preferences, which can then be used to provide more relevant messaging.

“We have research that shows 86% of consumers have left a website when asked to register, and 88% admit to having entered false information (e.g. “mickeymouse(at)donotemail(dot)com” when asked for an email address). Social login has been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 50% because the user is not required to enter any new information, removing the friction of requiring users to register on a site,” explained Bill Piwonka, Vice President of Marketing at Janrain.

Janrain Engage makes sense of otherwise fragmented information shared by users on various social networks, unifying social profile data, online behaviors, third-party application data and offline information in a single platform for online marketing. The platform allows users to register or sign in on a site with an account from one of 25+ social networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It simplifies registration, eliminates the need for users to remember passwords and accesses rich profile data from a user’s social network account with permission. Janrain Engage also lets users share content or activities from a company’s site to their social networks, enabling word-of-mouth marketing and driving qualified referral traffic.

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