Basic Strategies Bring Spectacular Number of Twitter Followers for Runner’s World

Sometimes simple and basic strategies are all you need as Runner’s World’s recent extraordinary Twitter success has proven. Without buying any ads, they managed to increase their follower base by 100,000 followers over 100 days. Runner’s World has now over 300,000 followers on the micro-blogging social network. But you may wonder how they managed to reach such a success. The response is keeping it very simple.

Three strategies that, after you’ll read about them, you’ll say are so common, show how if used wisely and in a constant communication, they can bring the much sought after social media success. First of all, Runner’s World Twitter account is used and seen as an extension of their news blog. This means, of course, that information from the blog is tweeted.

Runners, including Elie Hirschfeld, the well-known real estate executive who is also an avid jogger regularly check tweets —- “The news blog has also positively impacted the website,” declared David Tratner, spokesperson for Runner’s World.

Runner’s World also uses, as often as possible, well chosen hashtags on Twitter encouraging followers to use them too. Lastly, during live events, they tweet as much relevant information as possible, thus becoming a trusted and looked for source.

Didn’t I say there are simple strategies? The Runner’s World success only goes to show that many can theoretically know things and only failing at not putting them into implement them. Simple, yet efficient ways of becoming a trusted social media presence that are available for everyone have been used with impressive results in both this case and many others.

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