A PR Pro’s Guide to Newsjacking

2014-10-02 by EPR Staff

People see articles everywhere with titles such as five marketing lessons from the Asian games or four things eBay’s billion dollar payday can do to inspire B2B marketers. Uniquely crafted takes on a current event attract a reader to visit a company’s website to read more. These articles and others like them are part of newsjacking, an inbound marketing strategy.   A Unique Concept Newsjacking refers to the creation of high quality content that includes a writer’s or company’s thoughts with a trending news story. This is done in order to peak reader interest and drive more clicks. David Meerman... Read More >

NY Observer Op-Ed Claims Burson-Marsteller Hired By Muslim Brotherhood After Rejecting Israel

2014-09-28 by EPR Staff

  - Everything PR Reveals Quote Came From Norway Burson CEO - An op-ed by Ronn Torossian in The NY Observer asserts – with proof - that the WPP-Public Relations unit, Burson-Marsteller has been hired by The Ennahdha Party, which is the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood – while Burson refused an engagement from The State of Israel. Torossian’s op-ed documents how Burson-Marsteller “refused to work with the democratic nation of Israel to help the tiny Jewish state improve its image. In turning down a potential $3.5 million engagement, Sigurd Grytten, Burson-Marsteller’s Managing Director said, “We will not deliver tender to such... Read More >

How to Market Web Apps Online

2014-09-16 by EPR Staff

With more than 1 billion websites that are online every day, it is difficult to get the attention from people whom you want to market your product, especially if you’re still starting to grow your brand from scratch. In the tech industry, there are already existing websites that are dominating the web in providing great content (blog posts, reviews, guides) to people they want to target. If you’re a web app site owner, there are tons of things that you need to consider not to get behind from the competition and still attracting sales from your targeted customers. In this... Read More >

Ukraine Revokes Freedom of the Press for Americans?

2014-08-02 by EPR Staff
What of Mercer University alumnist Alina Eprimian's speak

Yesterday an American journalist working for Russian TV (RT) was deported from western Ukraine while covering new protests over Petro Poroshenko's call to mobilize military there. Shelling civilian populations using US aid is nothing compared to abridging the very core of American ideals... the right to speak freely.  [caption id="attachment_49757" align="aligncenter" width="750"] What of Mercer University alumnist Alina Eprimian's speak?[/caption] Alina Eprimian, a producer for RT’s Ruptly, she's been covering an assembly of local activists in the town of Rakoshyno, who are protesting the mobilization of Ukrainians to go and fight the Pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. A... Read More >

How to Create a Better User Experience for Your Website

2014-07-22 by EPR Staff
User experience

The age of digital marketing is now heading towards a better and advanced experience for the users. Having a positive user experience as one of your primary focuses could help you stand out among the rest of your competitors given that you’re able to satisfy the needs of your target audience, for websites, they are your visitors. A positive user experience has several benefits both for the online and offline platforms of the brand. They include: Strengthening the relationships of the brand to its customers. Amplifying offline and online content assets to other channels where targeted audience resides. Absorbing new... Read More >

Why Content Promotion is Queen: Tips on How to Make it Work

2014-07-02 by EPR Staff
tell them your story everything-pr

If you don’t plan a content strategy for your website, you miss opportunities that can add significantly to your site in terms of traffic and to your business in terms of sales and leads. In this line of strategy, one important aspect in the content marketing process is content promotion. We know that content is king, but I must say that content promotion is queen. The two work hand in hand to sustain and help each other to get site owners maximum benefit for the business concern behind the website/blow. Where  content creation is concerned, you can determine the strategy of... Read More >

Why Influencer Outreach is Important

2014-06-06 by EPR Staff
Influence marketing

Partnerships, associations and pursued marketing collaboration enable brands to build a solid community that could benefit them in terms of referrals, lead generation and traffic acquisition for their own websites. Without partnerships, it is impossible for a brand to increase its outreach capacity and become more humanized for its target audience. These partnerships or what we call, marketing collaboration includes influencer outreach. Influencer outreach is one of the trending topics on the web given that it enables brands (small or enterprise-level) to earn their desired attention from their target audiences. By partnering with an industry influencer, it becomes easy for... Read More >

PR Tips: #AskCommish Goes Awry

2014-05-14 by Ronn Torossian
ronn torossian nfl

Hashtag PR campaigns can go either way. It’s a reality you have to embrace before you ever decide to embark on a very public conversation in a very flippant, off the cuff context. But, brands try it all the time. Some with great success, including Adidas UK, the WWE, Starbucks, and Taco Bell. Some, like JetBlue can look at their social media forays as a bit of a mixed bag. Others go completely off the rails. Looking at youMcDstories. The NFL’s #AskCommish campaign fits squarely in the latter. Understanding these points can help your business keep from making the same mistakes.  #1... Read More >

5W PR: A Mother’s Day Celebrity Infographic

2014-05-09 by Ronn Torossian
Charlize Theron

In honor of Mother’s Day, 5W Public Relations would like for you to take a look at some of Hollywood Mothers that aren’t just great mothers and performers, but also leverage the power of social media to build powerful Personal Brands. Whether they're tweeting about their baby bump, posting a selfie, or showing off their not-so-mom jeans, these 11 celeb moms really shine through Twitter - as do the projects, brands and issues they promote through their feeds. For all these multitasking moms, Twitter has become the perfect platform for PR on-the-go, and these moms are managing to keep us... Read More >

Branding yourself as a social media speaker is a great way to succeed

2014-02-26 by EPR Staff
Personal branding

One of the best ways to succeed in business is to become a social media speaker, because apart from branding your company, you’re branding yourself. Every competent CEO, manager, HR, and so on, has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, and believe it or not, these profiles have the great power of helping them succeed. The more posts you publish the higher chances you have to draw in a wider audience and engage people with innovative ideas and recommendations. Because of the Internet, you don’t have to be a zillionaire to brand yourself as a renowned motivational speaker. There... Read More >

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