Early Promoted Tweets adopters report encouraging results

2010-05-12 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

When Twitter launched its much hyped advertising program, Promoted Tweets, quite a few big brands signed up and started using the service. Twitter advertising is somewhat similar to Google’s offering of paid search listings in what the way it works is concerned and in less than a month, early adopting companies are reporting quite encouraging results. No matter what you track – speed of sales, clicks, page impressions, this baby advertising project seems to be paying off fast. Virgin America, Red Bull, NBC Universal and many other brands have taken the stage to explain what campaigns they have run and... Read More >

Xbox LIVE Is Social – With Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Connect

2010-04-14 by EPR Staff
xbox social media

Who said that you cannot be a gamer and a social media addict at the same time? If you didn't know it by now, (and few do), Xbox LIVE, the online gaming and entertainment service for Xbox 360, is more than a closed online forum for Xbox 360 addicts. A gold (paid) membership to this online service adds Netflix streaming, photo sharing and Facebook, Twitter, and Zune connect for all adult members. The information is vital for Xbox 360 game designers, for companies that sell these games and for video game PR, naturally. With these social networks connected to... Read More >

Twitter’s Real Business Finally Emerges

2010-04-13 by EPR Staff

Twitter's making a lot of big moves this month, spanning the web and its mobile front. It seems as though we've been waiting for this moment for years, given Twitter's rising popularity and elusiveness about its business model. With promotional ads being rolled out this week, and a mobile app release and acquisition last week, we're finally able to gain better insight as to what Twitter will be doing to turn a profit and push further growth. This week's announcement and subsequent ad roll out is really big news for Twitter, particularly as it begins to address the question of... Read More >

Don’t Waste Your Time on Social Media

2010-04-02 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Social Media

In a world where time is money, the hours spent on Twitter and Facebook can be quite costly. Is your time spent on social networking paying off, or is it taking valuable time away from other money generating tasks? Are you pursuing your Twitter account with the reasoning that everyone else is doing it so it must work? Understand effective uses of Twitter and Facebook so you're not wasting your time blasting boring tweets about how great your company is. Instead, adopt social networking into your customer service department and use it as a method to offer value while interacting... Read More >

Are Your Titles Twitter Optimized?

2010-03-10 by EPR Staff
Monetize Twitter

If you like sharing your articles, press releases, editorials and any other type of content on Twitter, you want to have it stand out. You want an attention-grabbing title, and you most certainly want a "re-tweetable" title. Because Twitter has a 140 characters (including spaces) limit, your best bet would be to write titles that are shorter than that. But keep in mind that followers who retweet your tweets usually include your Twitter name in their messages too. And when a good title goes viral, followers of your followers might pick it up, and, respecting the unwritten Twitter etiquette, they... Read More >

So What, Facebook Is Still Trying to Take Over the World?

2010-02-26 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

I'm tired of writing about Facebook. At least for today. I've been looking through the significant news of the day--a Friday--and it's mostly about Facebook. Surprise! That seems to be the case on most days. Sure, it's an easy topic to cover, and there's always something larger to imply from everything related to Facebook. But I'm just not up for it today. I'm starting to feel like a broken record. Facebook is making a change, or going after a patent, or teaming up with Microsoft. Someone on Facebook did something silly, and now they're looking for a new job or... Read More >

Conan O’Brien and His Monkey in Mission to Conquer Twitter

2010-02-25 by EPR Staff
Conan O'Brien Twitter Monkey

The Facebook army was not enough, now Conan is hoping to get as many tweeps as possible following his every move. What are his plans? With a monkey on his shoulder, Conan O'Brien's made his first contribution on Twitter , and he gained 237,826 followers since. The numbers will certainly increase: the news that Conan O'Brien joined Twitter needs to set in. "Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me." - he twitted. His short Twitter bio reads: "I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter... Read More >

Twitter Gets Yahoo Deal

2010-02-25 by EPR Staff
Twitter Yahoo

Twitter has stood up to some pretty big guns in the past year or so. They've turned down various potential buyers and insisted that the popular social media venue can and will continue on its own. Well, not completely alone, since other companies are rapidly realizing that if they want to tap into the power that is Twitter, they need to integrate. Yahoo is one of these. Recently, Facebook revealed their liaison with Twitter, now Yahoo is following suit. They will be incorporating Twitter into just about every area of their business, including Yahoo Mail, Search, Finance and News, just... Read More >

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Twitter and Social Media

2010-02-09 by EPR Staff
twitter everything-pr

On Twitter the marketing frenzy begun a few days ago, but only recently "V-Day" became an active trend. Tweets like "Make your love sing, give your honey V-Day bling." followed by links to sites that "sell" the bling are as frequent as those that inquire about Valentine's Day the movie. Will it be worthwhile, will it be a flop and more importantly, will you go to see it on Valentine's? As any other trend, "V-Day" is a blessing for marketers, and a major annoyance for some - let's call them more skeptical - users. But the fact that the vast... Read More >

Are We Stuck with Facebook Forever?

2010-01-27 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

Has Facebook won your heart? I mean, could you actually live without it? I don't mean to say that there aren't other great social networking options out there. But if you had to stop using Facebook, which of these alternative social networking sites would you use? While the changes made to Facebook's privacy standards are vast and highly debatable, users are sticking around. Why? It may be because they feel they have to. Having become one of the most widely used social networks in the U.S., Facebook reaches across every state and many demographic fields. With social networking users abandoning... Read More >

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