PR Resources: Marketing Platform to Target Social Media Influencers

2012-07-31 by EPR Staff

BlogFrog’s Influencer Marketing platform for brand marketers identifies and mobilizes social media influencers (those who create content on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms), develop relevant consumer content, and engage target consumers from a single technology platform.

Automating all aspects of an influencer marketing campaign BlogFrog includes a searchable database of over 100,000 social media influencers, community-based knowledge for quickly building successful campaigns, and new management dashboards that measure the effectiveness of social influencer programs.


BlogFrog is an influencer marketing platform for brands (Photo: BlogFrog on Facebook)

BlogFrog allows campaign specialists and brand marketers a cost-effective social marketing solution that taps into the power of social influencers, scales to millions of consumers and is supported through built-in measurement and analytics tools to gauge success and return-on-investment (ROI).

BlogFrog’s Influencer Marketing platform manages four steps of social marketing campaigns:

  1. Identify: Brands can quickly find and select from more than 100,000 influencers on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and other social networks to engage with them according to topic, vertical market, social influence and consumer reach.
  2. Activate: BlogFrog provides “turn-key” social media programs (or templates) that influencers can join and brands can use to build campaigns including sponsored conversations on the influencers’ blogs, video posts, to Facebook and Pinterest campaigns. Marketers can manage various aspects of each program including timing, campaign reach and consumer engagement.
  3. Distribute: Content can be distributed across the web on social sites and brand properties such as the corporate website or Facebook page.
  4. Measure: Accessing real-time performance metrics, BlogFrog tracks how consumers interact with and spread social content, such as comments, shares, votes, pins, tweets, coupon downloads, page visits and more. This monitoring allows brands to build ROI profiles and reports that measure consumer impressions, engagement and overall effectiveness.

Bloggers and publishers who join the BlogFrog network benefit by increasing their online influence, and engage readers by adding their own interactive communities. Bloggers also can generate more income by working with brands which truly care about the content they create.