TEXAS HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION Invitation for Bids As Needed Advertising Services for Health and Specialty Care System Facilities IFB No. HHS0013681

NIGP Class/Item No(s): 915-03 Advertising and Public Relations, Including Skywriting

Response Deadline August 16, 2023, 10:30 AM

7 Scope of Work (SOW)

7.1 Scope of Services to be Performed

The required services are for a Contractor to provide as needed online media advertisement services to increase awareness of the Health and Specialty Care System’s employment opportunities while encouraging qualified candidates to apply for open positions at Texas state hospitals and state supported living centers. See Exhibit H – Texas State Supported Living Centers and Texas State Hospitals.

The target audience for advertisement services shall include people at least 18 years old, within a 50-mile radius per location who are actively searching job boards and looking for new

employment opportunities. Specifications of target audience and radius per location are subject to change during the contract term and at the sole discretion of the HHS Agency.

Target audience shall include, at minimum, the following:

a) Medical professionals (such as psychiatric nursing assistants, rehab techs and support staff) who are high school graduates without an advanced degree and are seeking employment with a flexible schedule.

b) Nurses seeking employment with limited direct patient care.

All advertising strategies shall reach the target audience to encourage and drive traffic to an HHS-specific website so candidates can apply for employment via online application.

The Contractor shall use the most advantageous and cost-effective method(s) to achieve the maximum impact of reaching the Target Audience as described in this SOW.

HHS Agency shall provide information to be included in all methods of advertisements for Contractor design and development. The HHS Agency shall review and approve all advertisement presentations prior to Contractor delivery. The Contractor shall be allowed up to fifteen (15) calendar days for all design development and presentations for Agency approval.

The Contractor shall coordinate all advertising schedules, advertising formats and frequency with the HHS Agency designee throughout term of contract. Contractor shall provide marketing collateral, including, at minimum, PNGs, JPGs, ads in various dimensions, videos, stock photos, and stock videos, as applicable.

Advertisements shall be accessible via desktop and mobile web applications.

Advertisements shall be retargeted by utilizing cookies and other online tracking data methods, as applicable, to job seekers who have previously clicked through websites, employment and career specific online sites, or a previous advertisement.

The advertising strategy shall include, at minimum, market research and digital advertising, including content, behavioral targeting, demographic targeting, and geo targeting. Advertising tactics shall include, at minimum:

a) Dominant Display strategy

1. Focus on Quantcast5000 sites (or equal) to ensure reputable and qualified traffic

2. Reach Target Audience while they are browsing the web, viewing relevant content on high-quality websites

3. Demographic, behavioral, content and geo targeting

4. Prioritize Above-the-Fold ad placement

5. Retargeting and Search Retargeting

6. Utilize device delivery including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

7. .08% Click-Through Rate

8. 1.6 million Total Impressions

b) Targeted Email strategy:

1. Contractor shall send 600,000 individual emails with an Open Rate of 17% or higher.

2. The Contractor email database shall consist of quality, current and deliverable email addresses by ensuring the data is cleansed and scrubbed, at minimum, once per month. The Contractor email database shall be generated from but not limited to, opt-in online surveys, e-registrations, e-subscriptions, and permission-based websites.

c) Device ID strategy or a means of targeting individuals:

1. Contractor shall deliver digital banner advertisements and video pre-roll advertisements to Target Audience who have visited select locations, e.g., nursing schools, trade schools, university and college sites or GED certification programs in areas near and around HHS employment locations.

i. 960,000 Banner Ad Impressions with 960 estimated clicks throughout each contract term.

ii. 960,000 Video Pre-Roll Impressions with 1,440 estimated clicks throughout each contract.

2. Contractor shall utilize geotargeting technology, as applicable, to target location(s) and identify the quantity of devices to deliver advertisements to the Target Audience.

d) Social Media strategy shall include at minimum:

1. Targeted advertisements, at minimum, on Facebook and Instagram utilizing their shared advertisement platform to reach the Target Audience advertising HHS sponsored posts.

2. 18,576 Total Clicks with an estimated 2 million Total Impressions.


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