This solicitation is to provide services utilizing digital lead generation in order to drive orders of the 2020 Texas travel packet.  Services to include the delivery of a detailed media recommendation, the execution of the media buy, the management and payment of media vendors, and the delivery of campaign performance reports.

4.1. TxDOT Travel Publications goal is to serve the motoring public and stimulate travel to or within Texas through a variety of high-quality, attractive, credible and accessible products in a variety of formats, including printed and digital offerings.  Several of the publications are free to the public upon request.  4.2. The three largest free publications—the Texas State Travel Guide, the Official Travel Map, and the Texas Highways Events Calendar (described below) have all been published for many years.  Historically TxDOT has not spent a great deal on paid media to promote distribution of these pieces.  However, any promotion for these pieces results in orders.    Based on usability studies, TxDOT knows when people order these publications, the publications are hugely influential in the recipient’s travel decisions. 

4.3. Not only are these pieces a critical deliverable on the goal of stimulating travel, they also:

4.3.1. Generate revenue for TxDOT via the sale of advertising

4.3.2. Serve as an important resource for travel counselors who work at TxDOT’s 12 Travel Information Centers across Texas when interacting with travelers

4.3.3. Provide additional exposure for destinations, attractions, and communities (while paid advertising is available, qualifying destinations can list their information for free – invaluable particularly for very small communities and destinations with little to no marketing budget) 

4.3.4. Generate leads for advertisers 

4.4. Description of Travel Literature pieces

4.4.1. The Texas State Travel Guide features Texas history, arts and culture, music, food, shopping, sports, family activities and the outdoors, plus information on more than 450 cities and 3,000 attractions. Because the state is so large, the city and attraction listings are separated into regions with eight-page introductions to each region highlighting some of the must-see places.

4.4.2. The Travel Map shows highways, farm/ranch roads, airports, communities and recreational areas to assist travelers in safely exploring the state.

4.4.3. The quarterly Texas Highways Events Calendar features hundreds of events occurring across the state and includes everything from festivals and fairs to rodeos, food events, music, art and museum exhibits, theatrical performances and market days.  The Calendar is published in Summer (June-August), Fall (September-November), Winter (December-February) and Spring (March-May). NOTE:  Go to https://texashighways.com/free-texas-travel-information/ for additional information. 

Scope of Work:

SERVICE REQUIREMENTS:  The vendor shall:   

10.1. Begin work within seven business days of the award of the purchase order or on the agreed upon date between TxDOT and the vendor.

10.2. Provide and present a detailed and comprehensive media recommendation plan within 14 days of the post award meeting.  The plan shall address the media buying goals and overall strategy using the below for targeting:

10.2.1. Adults 18 and older seeking information to help plan their travels to or in Texas this year.

10.2.2. Geography – non-Texas residents, with consideration for the below states and Designated Market Areas (DMAs): Top origin states for non-resident travel include California, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New York. Top origin DMAs are Baton Rouge, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma City, , Orlando-Daytona-Melbourne, Phoenix, Springfield MO and Tulsa.

10.2.3. Media vendor recommendation and rationale:  A consideration set of recommended media vendors for lead generation, the rationale for the final choices, how many partners are realistic to include on the plan given the required 100,000 amount of orders, etc. 

10.2.4. Provide a summary of the buy for each media vendor a chart showing at minimum, impressions, spend, timing, and cost per lead.

10.2.5. Provide recommended key performance indicators and whether or not an optimization plan is relevant.

10.2.6. Provide the recommended or necessary deliverables to be developed or provided by TxDOT to facilitate the lead generation campaign, such as a landing page for orders.

10.3. Receive approval from TxDOT’s assigned project manager for every media placement via an email or digitally signed PDF.

10.4. Provide payments to media vendors on the media buys. 

10.5. Respond to inquiries by TxDOT within one business day.

10.6. CAMPAIGN PERSONNEL:  Provide a brief overview of the qualifications of the key personnel, including subcontractors working on each project to include roles and responsibilities.

10.7. REPORTS:  Reports as requested by TxDOT.  Reports and format standards will be approved by TxDOT and shall be delivered to the designated TxDOT representative.  Reports shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

10.7.1. Weekly Reports:  Updates on key performance indicators within three business days of the end of the campaign or weekly, depending on the total duration of the campaign.  Vendor shall include, at minimum: Leads (orders) by vendor by day, with additional breakout by target if there are multiple targets by vendor. Spend, total leads, and cost per lead by vendor to date. Optimization recommendations and approval requests on those optimizations, if relevant.

10.7.2. Final Report:  One final comprehensive report upon campaign completion.

10.7.3. Additional Reports:  Addional reporting metrics as requested by TxDOT or recommended by vendor or both.

Due Date:

April 8


801 Austin Ave, Suite 1030, Waco, TC 76701

Relevant agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and Zeno Group.

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