Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Multicultural Marketing and Advertising Services

Proposal Due Date: July 10, 2024; 2:00 PM CT

Purchaser: Vanessa D Contreras, CTCD CTCM




5.1. Contractor shall provide Multicultural Marketing and Advertising Services in accordance with the following scope of work . Services may vary by project and will be developed on a per-project basis as described in Section I Subsection 6.2.1. Individual Project Scope and Budget after Award,

Specifications may include but will not be limited to:

5.1.1. Research marketing, advertising media options for products or campaigns, including any new media and other emerging technologies.

5.1.2. Hispanic-interest marketing, multicultural marketing, and target advertising campaign management.

5.1.3. Quantitative and qualitative research as needed to determine target audiences and the best media, events, or partners to reach the intended target during campaign periods.

5.1.4. Creative development of ads, event marketing materials, and point of purchase materials.

5.1.5. Concept development and execution of promotions and event marketing strategies.

5.1.6. Development and delivery of social media campaigns and sales promotions.

5.1.7. Review of current programs to determine sponsor rights and benefits, feasibility of sponsorship underwriting, partner marketing, and recommended enhancements or additional opportunities.

5.1.8. Request for media Contractor and event sponsorship proposals and development of partnership marketing opportunities or sponsorship underwriting as deemed appropriate by campaign or program.

5.1.9. Proposals for recommended strategies, campaign plans, estimated budgets, and timelines will be conveyed to a TPWD Project Manager. TPWD Project Manager will act as administrator and work with the Contractor to review campaign goals, budgets, and internal approvals for all individual projects.

5.1.10. Negotiate media rates including Public Service Announcement (PSA), partnerships and value-added placement, secure new retail and/or manufacturer partners, secure event partners.

5.1.11. Finalize buys and agreements and secure TPWD approval of final costs and opportunities.

5.1.12. Confirm scheduling and placement of all campaign elements.

5.1.13. Provide proof of performance.

5.1.14. Reconcile campaign invoices to invoice TPWD and pay media contractors, sponsors, and subcontractors.

5.1.15. Prepare reports and recaps.

5.1.16. Suggest other value-added services by proposing results-oriented marketing and creative strategies.

5.1.17. Translation services for print, web, radio, TV, signage, billboard, and other media.

5.1.18. Contractor Support Service Expectations: Contractor shall routinely include research in developmental and evaluation processes. Contractor shall submit clear, timely progress reports according to the project schedule. Contractor shall meet interim and final deadlines. Contractor shall work within project budget as agreed upon by TPWD and Contractor.

5.1.19. Specific Contractor Account Management Services and Deliverables: Develop, propose, and execute communications and/or outreach strategies mostlikely to reach program goals.

Strategically identify: Target audience to include demographic, geographic, and

psychographic variables. Media market(s). Formative-research needs. Strategy rationale and justification. Objectives that will be met in support of program goals. Evaluation processes and measurements. Other services and deliverables as identified and assigned by contracting program. Support research activities by: Collaborating with contracting program and market-research firm to

identify, clearly define, and meet research needs and objectives. Reviewing survey instruments, discussion guides, or questionnaires. Preparing professional concept- or storyboards to test with members of the target audience. Applying research findings to overall communications and/or creative strategies. Other research activities as identified and assigned by contracting Program Disseminate creative materials that are audience-centered, research-driven and

tested, and suited to fit the format of the selected media. Creative materials include but are not limited to: Radio and television advertisements. Billboard advertisements. Direct mail promotions. Point of purchase materials. Event backdrops and collateral. Print advertisements to include proof of audience readership. Promotional or novelty items, e.g., book covers, T-shirts, etc. Social media products. Search engine marketing products. Other creative materials as appropriate. Media include: Broadcast television or radio. Print. Direct mail. Social media. Websites. Search engines. Outdoor media. Events. Retail or manufacturer points of purchase. Other media as appropriate Provide comprehensive final reports at the end of individual projects or campaigns

to document results of the work performed under the Contract. Meetings as requested and deemed necessary by TPWD to discuss the project

or campaign. Criteria and expectations of full-service advertising campaigns:

RFP No. 802-25-44067 Page 9 of 47 Strategic – Advances a program’s goals, objectives, and action plan

given the purpose, audience, and budget parameters. Results Oriented – is developed and implemented to endure

effectiveness and achieve desired outcomes and will identify

measurable objectives to be included in status reports and updates. Highly targeted – Reflects a genuine understanding of targeted

audiences at every step, culminating in information or messages

that have meaning for that particular target audience and which is

disseminated/distributed through channels used by that audience. Creative – Seeks to appeal to the target audience as it motivates

the desired change in attitude or behavior. Budget Management – The awarded Contractor will assist

contracting program manage the project’s budget and will be

responsible for notifying the program if and when a project is in

jeopardy of cost overruns not agreed to in the project scope of work.

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