The Leader in Luxury Awards: Society Award

Society Awards Specific Yet Specialized

David Moritz, the CEO and founder of Society Awards created the company to ensure that the awards are compared to high end jewelry-Mysterious Beautiful and Sexy. He believed that these elements were not there in the design awards industry before the founding of Society Awards. 

Society Awards is not a company that gives awards. The company manufactures well-known recognition articles and awards. David Moritz who grew up in Grove, Oklahoma and is now the chairman of New York City nightlife started the company in the year 2007. From its founding, the company has enjoyed a steady growth. Society Awards is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA and has been recognized as the fastest growing companies by the Inc Magazine’s 500/5000 list five times. The marketing and design industries have recognized the company for excellence in business. The company is not only the best but the busiest designer and manufacturer of award items and luxury brand art products. 

Some major award brands that get their recognition products designed and manufactured by Society Awards include MTV, People’s Choice, SXSW, Academy of Country Music Awards, Armani Exchange, Nielsen, TV land, American Film Institute, BET Networks, SPIKE, Dancing with the Stars, Golden Trailer Awards and the International Center of Photography and many more prestigious awards. Society Awards has become the company that Hollywood depends on for the design and manufacture of trophies. They have overtaken their competitors including Crown Awards and Tiffany & Co by lengths. They are known for the superior design, excellence in service and offering value for each customer. 

David Moritz, the founder of Society Awards, was in school when he successfully ran an events management company. He graduated cum laude from New York University in British and American History. He later studied law at the Cardazo School of Law. While studying law, he started and ran a bar lounge in New York City that he later sold. He received his law degree but preferred a career as an entrepreneur. He explored the market for a suitable industry and recognized that there was a need for an innovative manufacturer and design company for the awards industry and Society Awards was born. 

David Moritz succeeded in his enterprise because he emphasized on business excellence, creative designing and keen attention to every minute detail. He also founded a design firm called Viceroy Design to add innovation and brand strategy to Society Awards. The focus of the Viceroy Design Company was package design and soon major companies like Colgate. Pepsi and Playboy became their clients. 

David Moritz returned to his hometown, Grove in Oklahoma and started a facility to manufacture and distribute the products of Society Awards. The facility manufactures many of the company’s products and is run on 100 percent solar energy. 

Society Awards’ newest innovation is a product called the deal toy. These deal toys are awards given to financiers or businesspersons who have clinched complex deals in the financial and business world. After taking over the entertainment awards industry, Society Awards is set to become the leader in the deal toy industry. These toys will soon become the symbol of the prosperity of the USA. 

The design and manufacturing expertise of Society Awards is showcased by the impressive list of clients the company has. The statuette’s of both the Golden Globe and the Emmy Awards are designed and manufactured by the company. They have also custom designed awards for several game and talent shows on television. Besides the entertainment industry Society Awards has a wide range of corporate cleints including Mont Blanc and the Wall Street Journal.

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