Toornament Seeks A PR Agency In America

toornament-pr-agencyToornament is looking for a PR Company to improve its name brand. Toornament is the most intuitive and powerful solution to manage and promote video game / “Esport” tournaments.

Since launching via beta 6 months ago, Toornament has already supported 3000 events from 82 different countries. Matured from years of development and other products, Toornament offers a vast thoroughly array of tools and features to think, design, organize, manage et promote a video game event.

About “Esport”

Video game competitions, known as “Esport”, stand at the crossing of two huge trends: video games and Internet. DSL boosted bandwidth and video game experience, ultimately leading to Esport. In 2013, League of Legend Finals gathered 32 millions concurrent viewers, more than the NBA Finals. Its rival, DotA 2, offered close to 11 million dollars, mainly through a community crowdfunded effort.

Toornament is a project of French company Oxent – Oxent is the owner and organizer of ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup /

Toornament is looking for a PR Company:  For this first step, our goal is not to touch the gamers and a wide audience, but to support our reputation with gaming industry pros,

Esport competition organizers and VCs.

David Heuzé – Oxent PR Manager may be reached at for further information.


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