Top 100 Public Relations Accounts on Twitter

Who are the top 100 Twitter users in the PR industry? Well, we found them for you, using a number of applications like Twitaholic, Twittercounter and WeFollow. The top is based on the number of users following back these PR experts (or PR companies/ publications), and not on their professional skills.

It took us a few days to put this together – all listings were added manually. As such, it is possible that some are no longer accurate (the number of followers might be higher, changing the listing in the top). Also, if we missed anyone, it is because of the way people tag and describe their profiles, and by no means because we didn’t want to include a certain professional. Please help improve this list if you can, by providing us the name and the link to the Twitter profile of the PR professional/ company that we omitted.

  1. DKNY – DKNY PR Girl – PR for Donna Karan New York – 181,662 followers.
  2. MagicSauceMedia – Renee Blodgett PR – 100,270 followers
  3. PublicityGuru – Bill Stoller – Editor & Founder, Free Publicity Newsletter. For a Free Sample Issue, go to: – 89,432 followers
  4. petershankman – Founder of HARO – 88,603 followers
  5. JonathanCheban – 86,236 followers
  6. peoplesrev – Kelly Cutrone – 84,000 followers
  7. SocialMedia411 – Social Media Insider – 73,655 followers
  8. briansolis – 65,542 followers
  9. prsarahevans – Sarah Evans – 50,117 followers
  10. Steve Rubel – 45,568 followers
  11. Steveology – Steve Farnsworth – 40,815 followers
  12. WeAreSocial – 39,212 followers
  13. Alexander Blom – 39,161 followers
  14. PRNewswire – Vicky, PR Newswire’s Director of Audience Development & team – 38,619 followers
  15. MattSingley – 36,032 followers
  16. PRwise – Roger S. Johnson – 31,450 followers
  17. JessicaNow – Jessica Smith – 31,369
  18. Collin Douma – 29,764 followers
  19. MarvetBritto – 28,556 followers
  20. ereleases – PR Distribution – 28,034 followers
  21. Rochelle Veturis – 25,362 followers
  22. DougH – Doug Haslam – 25,089 followers
  23. DannyBrown – 23,175 followers
  24. leeodden – 22,732 followers
  25. Kathy_Johnson – Co-founder of PR/social media firm Consort Partners – 21,980 followers
  26. chrisabraham – Chris Abraham is THE expert in social media and digital PR – 21,590 followers
  27. missusP – Christine Perkett – 20,988 followers
  28. Mark Ragan – 20,586 followers
  29. Giovanni Gallucci – 20,453 followers
  30. fishmark – 18,464 followers
  31. prblog – Kevin Dugan – 17,875 followers
  32. PR_Couture – Crosby/PR Couture – 17,801 followers
  33. RealYaverbaum – eric yaverbaum – 17,711 followers
  34. Lizz Harmon – 17,396 followers
  35. SteveKayser – Biz Writer, Editor, Publisher, PR/Marketing – 16,704 followers
  36. TDefren – 16,592 followers
  37. karasmamedia – Kara Smith – 16,413 followers
  38. PublicityHound – Joan Stewart – 16,290 followers
  39. Shannon Paul – 15,826 followers
  40. luisete – Luis Rodriguez – 15,627 followers
  41. David Alston – 15,428 followers
  42. DenverPR – Maggie Holben – 14,872 followers
  43. juliebonnheath – JBH PR & Marketing – 14,706 followers
  44. Doug Mummert – 14,337 followers
  45. PressAbout – Free Press Release Distribution – 14,153 followers
  46. sagefrog – Mark Schmukler – 13,659 followers
  47. Michelle Blanc – 13,653 followers
  48. jimcaruso – CEO & Chairman at MediaFirst PR – Atlanta – 13,579 followers
  49. Flack_Me – The PR Professional’s Blog. – 13,057 followers
  50. Marsha Friedman – 13,045 followers
  51. ProfNet – Maria Perez – 12,925 followers
  52. cyberpr – Ariel Hyatt – 12,173 followers
  53. PRjobs – Lindsay Olson – 11,957 followers
  54. jasonkintzler – 11,650 followers
  55. laermer – Richard Laermer – 11,530 followers
  56. HowellMarketing – 11,414 followers
  57. CXN_Inc – 11,020 followers
  58. John Digles – 11,016 followers
  59. TracyHNguyen – 10,983 followers
  60. LisaHoffmann – 10,920 followers
  61. LizzieGrubman – 10,873 followers
  62. davefleet – 10,580 followers
  63. justinkistner – 10,354 followers
  64. gothamc – 10,286 followers
  65. walshpr – 10,153 followers
  66. richquigley – 10,102 followers
  67. dbreakenridge – 9,821
  68. pheadrick – Parry Headrick – 9,687 followers
  69. CathyWebSavvyPR – Cathy Larkin PR – 9,663
  70. kdpaine – Katie Delahaye Paine – 9,652 followers
  71. TiloBonow – 9,540 followers
  72. BusinessWire – Monika Maeckle, Vice President, New Media Business Wire – 9,373
  73. IdeaGrove – Scott Baradell – 9,370 followers
  74. Spin_Thicket – 9,352 followers
  75. pressreleases – Press releases distributed by – 9,170 followers
  76. shelholtz – 9,053 followers
  77. Rachel Kay – 8,996 followers
  78. Bill Rice – 8,709 followers
  79. LuxuryPRGal – Christine Kirk – 8,636 followers
  80. India PR Blog – 8,598 followers
  81. tacanderson – VP of Digital Strategies at Waggener Edstrom – 8,514 followers
  82. SourceBottle – 8,276 followers
  83. Stefan Keuchel – 7,995 followers
  84. Shonali Burke – 7,949 followers
  85. Nigel_Morgan – 7,943 followers
  86. SocialNicole – Nicole Harrison – 7,902 followers
  87. ecofashionista – Kelly Drennan – 7,839 followers
  88. George Affleck – 7,816 followers
  89. J Public Relations – 7,790 followers
  90. GetPubRelatJobs – 7,705 followers
  91. CelebritizeYou – Marsha Friedman – 7,677 followers
  92. Kellye Crane – 7,632 followers
  93. waxgirl333 – 7,589 followers
  94. Stuart Foster – 7,553 followers
  95. SaurabhSaggi – 7,507 followers
  96. GemmaWent – Red Cube Marketing – 7,451 followers
  97. Brian Crouch – 7,432 followers
  98. BarbaraJones – 7,418 followers
  99. Len Kendall – 7,397 followers
  100. PR4YOU – 7,377 followers


  1. Jeremy Porter says

    First off, it’s a lot of work to put together lists like this. I’ve done several list posts in the past and no matter how much research I do, somebody is always bent out of shape.

    This list is great for those just starting out and looking for some people to follow. I like the fact that it’s not the usual who’s who.

    When I do this type of post, I’m usually proactive and say “I know I’m leaving something off, so please let me know and I”ll add relevant stuff.” This keeps people from attacking you. Then, when they respond, tell them to make a note in the comments (that’s the whole point of comments anyway).

    As a side note, please consider @journalistics when you revisit this list in the future. :-)

  2. Jennifer Kane says

    Go ahead and delete the comment Lilliana. Certainly not my intent to offend you.

    I received loads of flack on the list I produced, so I totally get that you’d be looking at most of these comments with a defensive tone. Sucks to do a lot of work and then have people nit pick it. If anyone gets that, I do.

    But that, as I mentioned, was not my intent (nor, was it to promote my own bio…which I didn’t mention in my comment at all.)

    So, that’s cool if you’re having a bad day and want to interpret my comments as being from some bitchy evil spammer. (I’m not..and I don’t take it personally.) Hope your day improves and best of luck to you on whatever you tackle next.

  3. Brian Jones says

    I see Shel Holtz has popped up again to complain about a list. It’s not an ego list, Shel, otherwise don’t worry, you’d *definitely* top that.

    Thanks for the work (and disclosure on how it’s put together), Liliana. Lists by nature are subjective – if people don’t like them, they can always make their own. :)

  4. Jennifer Kane says

    Nice list. Lots of thought-leaders on here who I admire (although there are some toward the bottom that I don’t really consider to be PR pros per say, nor do they have “PR” designated in their Twitter bios — which is how I’m assuming you sourced the list.

    We recently developed a similar list measuring influence of social media pros here in Minneapolis using the methodology listed below.

    Would be interested to see how your list would look if this same methodology was used. (Maybe something to consider if you tackle again).

    1) We establish a baseline list, using TweepSearch and Follower Wonk, which we sorted according to Twitter follower count. For our list, we searched for people who included the phrases “social media” or “social marketing” in their Twitter bios as well as the words “Twin Cities,” “Minneapolis,” or “St. Paul” in the “location” section of their profile.

    2) After we identified the top 100 feeds with the most followers, we cleaned up the list for accuracy.

    3) Next, we determined that people could only make the final list once, so for people who had multiple Twitter accounts in the top 100, we only included their highest ranked feed. We also eliminated accounts for businesses, as we were seeking to identify individual professionals for this list.

    4) Then, we calculated Klout and Edelman Tweetlevel scores for the remaining feeds.

    5) Since both Klout and Tweetlevel have pluses and minuses and rank people differently, in order to make our ranking fair, we then calculated the average of these two scores and then re-ranked the list.

    6) Lastly, we re-checked each person’s bio to make sure that the context in which they referred to “social media” or “social marketing” accurately reflected the subject of this list.

    While the process was still buggy, it did produce an interesting list. Feel free to borrow the methodology.

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Jennifer, I appreciate your feedback, but your assumption on how I “sourced” the list is wrong, and offensive, after I stated, all so many times, that I manually checked every person or company, or news outlet listed here. So if they don’t have “PR” in their bios, damn sure I checked their sites, or I know who they are.

      Now, I’ve been kind to many people who came here offending me, some even used Ragan’s PR Daily to throw more stones, so I guess you caught me on a bad day. In my view, like Claire before you, you see no value in this, but you only want to capitalize on your personal (or that of whoever you represent) expertise. Which, in my view, right now (bad day, as I said) means nothing. Sorry gals, but Everything PR (cocky as I sound) is an influence booster. You are here for attention.

      Now, I don’t have the authority to delete your comment, or to mark it as spam, but as I see it, it’s against our comments TOS (number 4). I know you are an “award-winning strategic planner ” but as a communicator, you fail in my book.

      So sorry for the tone, Jennifer. The thing is that your first paragraph really put me off. Now, the rest is definitely interesting, attention worthy. But as you see, to get to the heart of things, if you are on with a bad start, it’s hard. So here you go: congrats for the system. Make your own list, and I’ll be sure to promote it. As far as I am concerned, after the flack I got for this list, I will NEVER attempt to create one based on influence. Are you kidding me?

    • Mihaela Lica-Butler says

      Jennifer, thank you for your comment, but no, we are not interested. Your system… good luck.

      Even if we were interested, just because one of our authors said no… well, I hope you understand the drill. And if you don’t, too bad for your employees.

  5. Shel Holtz says

    So this is the top 100 PRs about whom you know, then, not the actual top 100 PRs. (Not an ego thing, really, I find these lists to be more amusing than anything else, and I have a mere 9,000 or so followers on Twitter, at @shelholtz).

    Thanks though — I did find some folks worth following about whom I hadn’t previously known.

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      No Shel, I didn’t know about all these people. I searched them, using various tools, as already explained. It’s really impossible to find everybody, that’s why I asked for feedback.

      What’s amusing to you, took me three days to compile – and I am really, really sorry if I missed anyone. I will add you to the list, and thank you for letting me know.

  6. says

    Thanks for inclusion on the list. I must say I’m always a little uncomfortable being on PR lists because even though I work for a company that does PR and most of my clients are PR I don’t really think of myself as doing PR.

    I also appreciate the undertaking this kind of list curation is very time consuming and like you acknowledge it’s a far from perfect measurement. But a great list of people none the less.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Tac, I feel you man – I never think of myself as anything like a PR. Maybe a communicator – but not a pitch expert I guess. All the best, and thanks for stopping in.


  7. says

    Hi Liliana,

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am DKNY PR Girl (@dkny). I have over 180,000 followers and I am the only twitter globally on behalf of Donna Karan International.


    DKNY PR Girl

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Thank you very much for letting me know, DKNY PR Girl. :) I added you on the list. :)

  8. Shana Fuller says

    Great list! I guess these people know what their doing! I could use some tips myself :)

    Shana Fuller

  9. Frank Strong says

    I found the list helpful — and picked out several new people I hadn’t followed before. There’s definitely some people I consider influential — and interesting on this list already, including Todd, Jessica, Rochelle, Chris, Danny, among others. All of these people are very engaging on social channels, IMHO. Nice work!

  10. says

    Thanks for the inclusion! (#100) This was also a great resource for me in finding some other plugged-in, connected people in other industries!

    David M Burrows
    Dallas, TX

  11. says

    Hi there, thanks for this useful list, and for your willingness to accept feedback to improve its accuracy and value.

    Waggener Edstrom’s VP of digital strategies (and all around social media expert) Tac Anderson–whose handle is @tacanderson–should fall somewhere around #76 on this list if number of followers is the rubric.

    (Just missing this list but quickly gaining is the always engaging Jon Silk, who works in our UK office. His handle is @prgeek. He currently has close to 6,500 followers.)

    Would very much appreciate Tac’s inclusion in the appropriate slot. Thank you!

    • Phil Butler says

      We are on it Brooke, will update as you suggest. WE folks we have bragged about many times before, you may realize Eveything PR was actually one of the first to scrutinize such things as social media involvement by agents and agencies. WE was always at the top of the list, and receptive too :)

      Now if I could just get you guys to help with my media outreach :) All the best


    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Thank you very much for your help, Brooke. I included Tac in the list now. :) And more power to Jon, whom we follow now as well.

  12. says

    Lilliana: Perhaps I got the impression that number of followers was the most important thing is because that’s how you ranked them! You have to admit, that’s the impression it gives.

    Also, take a look at Flack_Me ‘s twitter account.

    There is NO engagement! Just pushing out tweets! That is not what I am looking for as a public relations professional or a Twitter friend.

    I think I may have to use this post in future trainings to show people that followers DO NOT NECESSARILY mean anything. Yes, you’ve included a number of good ones in here (Chris Brogan and Todd Defren), but they have lots of followers because of their content.

    Thanks for the opportunity for further discussion. Claire

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Claire, every Twitter account can have a different purpose. Some are there indeed just to “push tweets” – or industry targeted information. Others are there just to offer a real time feed of information (for example, news sites, have twitter accounts where they don’t necessarily interact with their readers, but only publish links to their latest editorials).

      Sure, you are entitled to judge value based on your own perception (as we all do, in the end), but, let’s not dismiss other people’s values.

      The reason why I use twitter is to find real time news. In this regard, Flack_Me provides value to me.

      If you like (and have the time) to engage in a back and forth, then there are enough people here to follow.
      If you just like to listen, you got plenty prima-donas as well.

      It’s up to you how you want to use Twitter. :) Let’s appreciate other people’s values as well.

  13. says

    Hi Everything PR:

    This is a nice list to have, but I am concerned that you’re giving people the impression that followers = influence. That is certainly part of the equation, but content is far more important. As PR practitioners, we have to side with content over less relevant criterion. This myth further propels clients to push for numbers rather than community engagement. Thanks for allowing my voice into the discussion. Claire Celsi, PR Daily Contributing Editor

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Claire, let’s be very very clear on this one. I am not giving people the impression that followers = influence. That’s why I stated at the beginning: The top is based on the number of users following back these PR experts (or PR companies/ publications), and not on their professional skills.

      In my view, the content you are talking about is part of the professional skills.

      Also, usually, people with many followers are quite influent. There are three ways to get a large number of followers: your own commitment, how known you are (influent) or how much you are willing to pay.

      I checked manually all these accounts, and I don’t think any of these PRs fall in the third category. Therefore, I would say, that it took them some commitment to grow a community around. People don’t just wake up and follow a PR. There must be something there. There are names on this list no one can contest: Brian Solis, Sarah Evans, Steve Rubel, Lee Odden, etc. If the list does have some questionable names, I think the percentage is very low. Less than 5%

  14. FamePR says

    You forgot Kelly Cutrone, People’s Revolution – she should be in the top 5 of your list… @peoplesrev

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      No, I didn’t forget her. I just didn’t know about her. Thank you for helping make this list better.

  15. Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

    Oops. This was for the list idea, not about the assignment. Will do both. :)

  16. says

    You might want to consider adding Peter Shankman to future updates for this list. His profile might not include the keyword “public relations” but, I would propose he is as good at it as any. His address is @petershankman. He founded HARO, as one of his many accomplishments.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Gordon, Thanks for suggesting Peter – he is a force in the world of media communications and new PR. This is not my list, but I may do a piece on Peter just because of your suggestion. I should be clear too in that we once left Peter’s HARO out of an analysis (oversite or mistake?) only to find Peter is not exactly the friendliest guy in town sometimes. I just had to be clear there – maybe he had a bad day back then?

      Still, your suggestion has a lot of merit and I will attempt to interview Peter or at least touch on the innovations and strategies he has fostered. We actually use HARO now on both ends of Pamil Visions’ business – how’s that for burying the hatchet? :)

      Phil Butler
      Managing Editor

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Thank you, Gordon, for the suggestion. Peter should definitely be on this list. His contribution to the modern PR industry is undeniable. :)

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Christine, I only tried to make a list of “power users” – maybe valuable for PR students and other beginners who don’t know how to search (yet) for such tweeps. :) But I agree with you, numbers can be bought, although I think the vast majority of those listed here don’t need to pay for followers. I don’t know all of them, but you, Steve Rubel, Sarah Evans, Brian Solis, Defren, etc, are definitely bringing a lot of value, not only on Twitter, but online in general.

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Mig, I just published it: 100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR But I am running out of ideas. What next? LMAO

      • Mihaela Lica says

        100 PR Famous Quotes or something like that? That’s if you have time, of course, I assigned you a new project starting Monday. :)

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