Tumblr Announces Its First Analytics Tool

From the looks of the news coming from different social media or micro-blogging networks these days, marketers’ preoccupation for measuring ROI on such platforms has been acknowledged and useful tools to address that need are being launched. After Twitter announced its survey tool for brands, it’s time for Tumblr to launch its first analytics platform.

This app developed by Union Metrics allows brands to get analytics on any Tumblr post or topic, including searching a blog, a keyword, a tag, even content source. The engagement, size and scope of interactions resulted from a blog or topic can be accessed through this tool. Users can track who rebloggs their posts – and not only the first reblogger, but also those that reblog the reblogger’s post, thus truly seeing a reblog tree. The tool shows which tags perform better and drive engagement from users, thus helping to enhance communication by adapting to what users prefer.

Union Metrics for Tumblr reporting includes, according to the official description:

  • Post and note volume to show overall engagement levels and trends over time
  • Top contributors and curators to help identify key influencers
  • Analysis of posts and tags to surface most popular posts
  • Post engagement details, including the full reblog tree and interactions over time

”We’ve been thrilled with the success brands have had using Tumblr to tell their stories; now we want to help them measure the impact,” Rick Webb, Tumblr marketing and revenue consultant said.

If we take in consideration that Tumblr has over 75 million blogs and 32 billion posts, with over 70 million new posts being posted each day, then indeed we have to agree that this social network has what to offer to those brands best suited to built a community here.

With this new tool that helps measure ROI on the micro-blogging network, Tumblr is getting more and more business oriented, even if in the past it hasn’t really been stressing its branding opportunities. Let’s not forget that in April Tumblr has launched some promotion features that have started their business friendly approach.

Tumblr’s PR agency is DKC PR.

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