Turkish Airlines Rethinks Brand Elements

In a move to make a bit of an image adjustment Turkish Airlines has announced the toning down of flight crew appearances. According to a press announcement from the airline, the use of red lipstick and overall more conservative grooming will go into effect for some employees.

Turkish Airlines

Looking back to go forward? Turkish Airlines rethinks uniform.

Not exactly shocking news, the announcement from one of the world’s highest rated airlines does come as something of a branding surprise. Accordingly, Turkish Airlines employees who work in the services sector will be required now to observe a new set of grooming rules described in the release as:

“…generally accepted practices, personnel who work in services sector, are required to be conservatively well groomed with make-up applied using pastel tones.”

Turkish AirlinesIn no uncertain terms then, the use of Virgin Airways resilient and Hollywood-ish reds is out, and the understatement of Earth tones and pastels is in. The bulletin goes on to loosely define other countenance issues such as manicures and so forth, where flight and attendance personal are concerned.

Other branding issues for the airline were also discussed, such as;  aircraft interior designs, new catering concepts and even new office designs. Back in February the airline announced having hired hired Dilek Hanif to help launch a cabin uniform re-design campaign for them. Many of the designs being looked at would be classified as classy-elegant and ultra-conservative compared with most modern flight crew attire.

Its not quite a full APCO Worldwide make over as they’d do in Washington, DC – but this still works for the brand.

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