Twitter New Photo Options Make Tweeting Both Personal and Social

Twitter finally introduced the ability to attach photos to Tweets.  And now, with Instagram out of the picture, Twitter needed to offer its users other tools to get creative and stay engaged while sharing images.

Twitter Photo filters.


Twitter’s new filter options for photo sharing aim to make tweeting images more creative, enjoyable and personal, because the company believes that images are among the most compelling forms of self-expression.  Twitter users can now edit and adjust photos directly within Twitter thanks to their new partnership with Aviary, which powers filters and effects.

Four new image features include:

  1. Filters. Twitter now offers one of eight filters to change the appearance of photos.
  2. Bird’s-eye view. Easily scan through different filters with a finger swipe.
  3. Frame change. Photos can also be cropped and resized.
  4. Auto-enhance. Tap the wand tool to balance light and colors.

Twitter’s new filter options make sharing and discovering photos more social as well with new functionality:

  • You can expand Tweets to view photos from various photo services right on Twitter;
  • You can preview photos directly in Discover and search;
  • You can quickly swipe through images on Twitter with photo streams in profiles and search results.

Who said that Instagram was irreplaceable?

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