Types of Facebook Ads

Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ad Formats fs8

There are different types of ads that companies can use when advertising on Facebook to reach their desired goals. Between carousel, dynamic, and collection ads, companies have a lot of options. That’s why it’s important for companies to first decide the goals they want to reach with their advertising campaigns, and then choose the right type of ad.


Generally, after using 125 characters, Facebook ends up hiding the text of the ad behind a link where users can see more of it. That means businesses need to be very creative when they want to deliver longer messages to their customers. However, with carousel ads, companies can get a lot of extra space because they can feature up to 10 different images or videos. This allows companies to have enough space to share any information they might want to give to the customers to generate more conversions and sales. Additionally, each card inside a carousel can also show a unique combination of headline, creative, and description, along with an optional CTA button. This type of ad is a great choice whether companies want to showcase an entire product line or a single product. When showcasing a product line, companies can show a different product on each of the cards to showcase the variety of solutions from the business, and, when showcasing a single product, companies can highlight 10 different features or aspects of that product.


If a company wants to target a very niche group of potential customers that have similar characteristics, or it wants to target a very broadly defined audience, it should be using dynamic ads on Facebook. With these types of audiences, companies won’t be able to predict which solutions are going to perform well or are going to be the most appealing to each customer they want to target. That’s why if a company wants to optimize its sales ads, it should be using dynamic ads on the platform. With this type of ad, the platform will automatically optimize every ad for every user. The algorithm that Facebook uses is going to be determining the right headline, description, and product so it can generate more conversions and sales.


If a company has taken note that the most valuable conversions it’s been able to generate usually come from mobile devices, it should be utilizing collection ads on Facebook. With this type of ad, companies can create content that’s going to cater to mobile users and guide them throughout the buying journey a lot more efficiently. That’s because collection ads use an attention-grabbing format that features a single image or a video on top of three different thumbnail images. Then, when a potential customer opens up the ad, they will enter into the company’s experience which loads instantly on the platform and invites potential customers to browse through the company’s products or familiarize themselves with the brand.

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