UN Children’s Fund Issues Communications RFP

2016-09-15 by Richard D. Pace

UN Children’s Fund Issues Communications RFP

The UN Children’s Fund has issued an RFP seeking an agency to assist with Communication and Advocacy Campaigns on Child Rights, especially on the ground in Somolia. They seek someone with experience in child rights and communication/advocacy campaigns, and the ability to organize such campaigns in Somalia.


In October 2015, Somalia joined the rest of the world and became the latest – 196th country – to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). By ratifying the CRC, the Somali Government has committed itself to protecting and fulfilling children’s rights, and be accountable before the international community. It has committed itself to undertaking all actions and developing policies to ensure that the best interests of the child are well looked after.

The ground-breaking development offers UNICEF a great window of opportunity to advocate for children’s rights. UNICEF supports the Government in the implementation process, making sure that the principles of the CRC are well reflected in the Somali policy and law. One of the key initiatives is to help raise awareness of the CRC among stakeholders and advocate for adequate and timely actions to ensure its implementation.

UNICEF is looking for a service provider to design and undertake the campaigns inside Somalia. The campaign will focus on nine different themes/subjects, including a general introduction to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, education, health, nutrition, child participation, birth registration, violence and abuse, child labour, and former child soldiers. One theme will be chosen to cover every two months starting in October.

The chosen party will organize two or more events on the chosen theme within a two month timeframe in different locations across the country. These could include a launch of a relevant report or data, a forum of experts with audience, a community dialogue but should be accompanied by publicity and materials including social media to ensure wide coverage of the event. The chosen party will also ensure that during the two months, there is more general publicity through the media, social media and other on the chosen subject.

The chosen party will handle all aspects of the process in liaison with UNICEF Somalia, starting from strategizing to organizing events around the chosen theme and media coverage, producing campaign materials and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Some specific tasks include, but not limited to: selecting the appropriate type of event and location, identifying and inviting guest speakers and participants; generating publicity/media coverage; producing campaign materials and providing social media. A summary and analytical report at the end of the campaigns is expected, as is an M&E plan.

If security permits, the campaigns should to be carried out in all three regions of Somalia – South Central, Puntland and Somaliland. And they must be appropriate to the Somali social, economic and cultural context.

End Product

  1. Campaign plan/strategy
  2. Communication/advocacy products
  3. Stakeholders are engaged through proper communication tools and channels d. Planned events successfully organized e. Summary and analytical report following each campaign f. M&E plan


  1. Expertise in Communication, Advocacy, and some knowledge of Human Rights, Somali and International Law b. Experience in design and organizing campaigns, especially inside Somalia c. Capacity to produce high quality communication/advocacy materials d. Capacity to utilize traditional and new communication tools and channels e. Knowledge of Somali social, economic and cultural context f. Knowledge of child rights, the unique challenges facing Somali children, and the latest trends in development and humanitarian aid for Somalia and beyond g. A good understanding of Somali media landscape and how people receive information h. Ability to assimilate and communicate complex messages in an engaging manner i. Familiarity with UNICEF’s mandate and work j. Respect culture diversity, especially cultural norms of Somalia

Proposal due by September 16th to:

Unicel Somalia Support Centre Office

UN Gigiri Comnplex, Block Q, Ground Floor PO Box 44145-00100

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