Unified Marketing Messaging Strategy for Greenwood Together

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Greenwood Together seeks a full-service advertising agency to develop a cost effective yet comprehensive and cohesive marketing and public relations strategy that communicates Greenwood’s advantages. Client services shall include status check-ins, task management, performance reporting, annual planning and review, research-based recommendations. Suggested budget expenditures and future budget projections to market, promote and educate target audiences about the advantages of living and doing business in Greenwood County, and to inform potential investors of the benefits provided by Greenwood Together. Content development, template creation, post writing and scheduling, and key performance indicators to evaluate effectiveness shall be part of integrated strategy.

• Create a visual identity and brand family that connects and conveys Greenwood Together unity.

• Design and implement new websites, content management system, and refreshed content paired with new visual identity.

• Marketing plan to achieve specific organizational goals & objectives for Industry, Retail/Small Business, Workforce, Housing.

• Digital mapping of asset inventory.

• Campaign planning, setup, management, optimization, and reporting.

• Other recommendations as deemed appropriate by the agency of record


Greenwood Together exists to advance economic and community development efforts that will enhance the quality of life and continue growing a greater Greenwood County. Greenwood’s Economic and Community Development Cooperative includes Greenwood County, Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce, City of Greenwood and Discover Greenwood. Greenwood Together is dedicated to growing the economy of Greenwood County through programs and services that result in business attraction, creation, retention, and expansion for the benefit of present and future generations.

Scope of Work:

· Initial cost assessment, set-up, strategy recommendations and support for postings and channel management with suggested resources. Create and advise on an e-mail, print, and digital media (paid and earned) strategy (e.g., frequency of postings, suggested topics) with newsletter and blogging as appropriate to maximize outreach and connect with widest possible audience.

· Develop advertising and messaging campaigns to reach target audiences that include prospective and existing businesses, site selectors, corporate real estate professionals, brokers, developers, investors.


Build upon existing marketing strategy for Greenwood Together.

Branding and Digital Refresh

• Visual Identity

• Creative Asset Library

• Website Development

• Sales Collateral / Print Materials

Marketing and Public Relations

• E-mail Marketing

• Direct Mail Campaign

• Paid Media Campaign

• Public Relations Support including press release development & distribution.

• Social Media Support including platform development, image creative, copywriting, and calendaring.

Due Date:

2:00 p.m. EST on April 5, 2021


Greenwood Together c/o Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce Attn: Barbara Ann Heegan, President & CEO RFP: Unified Marketing Messaging Strategy for Greenwood Together 110 Phoenix Street, P.O. Box 980 Greenwood, SC 29648-0980

Hunter PR and Magrino PR are agencies worth considering.

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