University of Arkansas Issues Marketing RFP

The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, acting on behalf of the University of Arkansas Department of Athletics, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas (UA) is seeking bid proposals from qualified and reputable firms to establish a term contract to provide marketing and communications services pursuant to the specifications, terms and conditions stated in this RFP (“Proposal(s)”).

UAF Global Campus seeks proposals to support development and implementation of:

The U of A Global Campus seeks proposals for

                (1) Media buys (execution and maintenance) or

                (2) Creative and marketing services, or

                (3) Both 1 and 2.


The Global Campus is a support unit for the academic colleges at the UAF that offer online degree programs and workforce education. The Global Campus provides instructional design and educational technology support, as well as assistance with marketing, recruiting and strategic academic development.

Unlike some institutions, online education is embedded within UAF’s traditional brick-and-mortar landgrant institution, not separate. Academic colleges own online degree programs, and the Global Campus supports those colleges in developing, marketing and recruiting for those programs. It is important to understand that the Global Campus:

  • Is data-driven and revenue-dependent.
  • Works within an organizational structure that is different from institutions that separate online programs from traditional programs. This structure is decentralized, meaning academic colleges and other units govern their own policies and procedures.
  • Depends on positive relationships with UAF academic colleges and other support units to be successful.
  • Relies on other UAF offices for admissions and enrollment functions, and some lead nurturing.
  • Focuses marketing primarily on the University of Arkansas ONLINE,, a website that showcases 52 online programs offered by five academic colleges. The U of A offers 32 online degree programs: 7 bachelor’s, 19 master’s, 2 specialist’s, and 4 doctoral. It also offers 11 certificate and 9 licensure/endorsement programs online. A limited budget restricts the capacity to promote individual online degree programs.
  • Offers a variety of face-to-face, online, and blended workforce development programs out of the Rogers Global Campus office.
  • Relies on enrollment as the Key Performance Indicator for marketing and recruiting.
  • Uses a campus-wide CRM (Slate) to deliver customized communications to prospective students, as permitted and approved by the academic colleges.
  • Is highly involved in marketing campaigns managed by vendors.

Scope of Work:

UAF expects to achieve the following goals (at a minimum) through the selected firm(s):

                1. A campaign/marketing strategy for current and future (1) online degree programs, described               at and (2) professional and workforce development classes and programs,              described at Describe how your company can make UAF programs stand out          in a noisy, competitive marketplace, especially on Internet-based platforms, including social                 media. Describe how your company can leverage UAF’s and Global Campus’s current marketing         campaigns.

                2. A media buy strategy for (1) online degree programs and (2) professional and workforce         development.

                The strategy should include platforms, the expertise used in selecting platforms, and the             ongoing data analytics to be used in managing (correcting, adjusting) media buys and their     platforms. Describe how you would prioritize media platforms. Explain how and why your    company can provide the best media buy strategy to increase enrollments. Describe any           proprietary software or specialized teams used to enhance media buy ROI.

                3. A plan to measure and report marketing ROI based on specific metrics and targets. GC relies on enrollments as the Key Performance Indicator and, less importantly, on other indicators (e.g.   site visits, requests for information, applications, etc.). Explain what data analytics your          company would use to drive marketing advice, corrections, and adjustments. Explain how you   would define and report ROI and marketing effectiveness.

                4. A detailed project management plan describing how your company would collaborate with    the Global Campus communications and recruitment teams. Describe how your company would     provide depth and expand the capabilities of these in-house teams. The plan should delineate        roles and workflows and describe how collaborative efforts are managed, tracked and   accounted.

We are striving for:

  • A clear presence in the marketplace that targets learner populations for U of A online and workforce development programs.
  • Data-driven, innovative, and proven marketing strategies and practices to increase enrollments.
  • Effective ROI confirmed by data
  • Alignment with the university’s mission to enhance the U of A brand.

Goals are to:

  • Increase enrollments that lead to increased revenue.
  • Attract qualified student applicants most likely to enroll in online degree programs.
  • Attract workforce members most likely to register for non-credit courses and programs to enhance their skills.
  • Increase public awareness of U of A educational offerings and enhance the U of A brand.
  • Provide detailed, sound reporting of ROI information
  • Provide people across Arkansas, and beyond, with access to U of A educational opportunities.

Due Date:

February 1st


University of Arkansas

Business Services

Administration Bldg, Rm 321

1125 W Maple St

Fayetteville, AR 72701

APCO Worldwide and Edelman PR have relevant experience.

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