University of California, Davis Issues Marketing RFP

University of California, Davis Issues Marketing RFP
University of California, Davis Issues Marketing RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to invite qualified bidders to prepare and submit proposals for campaign services to the University of California on behalf of its Davis campus (“UC”), in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFP. UC Davis Health is seeking to engage the services of a firm for the strategic planning and fundraising direct marketing services for the personalized solicitation and cultivation of grateful patients and lapsed donors to the Annual Fund.

Our team (Giving Programs for UC Davis Health), manages the patient and donor solicitations for UC Davis Health. Based on our fundraising business objectives, the scope of work needed for our programs is unique, comprehensive and strategic. We are a highly visible organization with very specific marketing, branding and printing guidelines. Bidder must be willing to learn our policies and guidelines and adhere strictly to them for all projects. Bidder will be able to provide a wide range and scope of services with flexibility and efficiency, respond promptly to requests to meet our fundraising goals. We have a very demanding and complex production schedule and expect the awardee to provide a high level of detailed oriented services. Bidder must have skills in reporting to provide comprehensive financial and response algorithms and analytics.


The Business & Revenue Contracts team is responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and establishing legal, binding agreements and contracts for the provision of services and service-related transactions. 

Scope of Work:

Acquire new donors to UC Davis Health from our patient population. The awardee would need to narrow our patient population to the top 12,000 qualified prospects based on wealth and affinity for a 12-month calling plan. Of the 12,000, we would like 3,000 records segmented for lapsed donor calling.

This program demands comprehensive data mining services to ensure:

· we are not soliciting a patient more than once per quarter

· we are not soliciting a donor as if they were a new patient in the event that they were treated at our facility (match donor and patient information to correctly solicit based on relationship with UCD)

· patients and/or donors who request to not receive fundraising requests are suppressed. This must be done without a unique identifier.

· analytics and reporting

The Bidder must demonstrate, and have in place, a quality control process to manage the calling program so the minimum amount of people are directly touching data or transferring files. This ensures higher efficiencies, less errors and much higher security for our data. Quality control includes becoming proficient with UC Davis policies and compliance requirements.

Calling program components Expectations:

· day-to-day management of all aspects of the phone program with an account manager assigned to your program

· weekly reports that will enable UC Davis to monitor the program’s progress

· At the conclusion of the contract period, we request a summary report of the calling program with an evaluation summarizing the program’s activity. The report should include an analysis of results, analysis of refusals and recommendations for the future.

Due Date:

June 5, 2019


Edelman PR and Zeno Group are possible candidates for this assignment.

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