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Edelman’s is the largest privately-held PR firm in the world, employing approximately 6,000 people, in 65+ offices spread over 26 countries. That being the case, there’s always new jobs on offer and transitions happening among the staff. Here are some of the current jobs available, recent hires, and promotions at Edelman (and their affiliates).

Available Jobs @ Edelman

You’ll need to decide where in the world you want to work. Edelman has five regions: The U.S., Canada, Europe and CIS, Latin America, and Asia/Pacific/Middle East/Africa. Just a smattering of the jobs listed on their website include the Director of Talent and Influencers position in their Beverly Hills office, a Project Manager position in Dallas, VP of Technology in Austin, and at least another 120 in the U.S including internships, account executive posts, and various leadership positions. You can find the full list of jobs in all the regions at DJE Holdings: careers – totaling 186 openings at the moment.

Edelman PR

New Edelman PR Hires

Just looking at the list of job openings, you might well imagine there are many new hires in the firm and so usually the ones reported in the public relations news world usual sourcesonly include those jobs in the upper echelon. A few examples are Lucy Allen who began working as the leader of their Bay Area office during the summer and Jeffrey Yu was hired to lead the organization’s offices in China in early 2016.

Want to Work @ Edelman PR?

If you are at the beginning of your PR career, then getting a job as an intern at Edelman’s is not an easy thing, but if you manage it your chances are pretty good to land a regular full-time job at the end of the internship. Usually they have about 500-600 interns, and a good number of them are hired into active jobs each year. Around 2014ish, nearly 650 were hired after their internship ended. If you are an intern during the summer and in an office near their flagship New York office, you might even get to have a conversation with the president, Richard Edelman, at the annual intern party which he makes it a point to attend.

Since they are so large, you could specialize in virtually any sector and have amazing growth and learning opportunities. For women in leadership, Edelman’s has their GWEN program – the Global Women Executive Network. They are strong supporters of green initiatives and represent foreign governments around the world, so even if you start out in a job with them in Texas, you could easily end up in any number of foreign locations still doing the work you love and traveling to boot.

Edelman Public Relations

Perks of the Job

Some of the benefits of working at Edelman include flexible work schedules and family leave, short-term work assignments in other locations, and pro bono work for your favorite causes. There are also benefits that are specific to locations and for the culture of that area. You’ll be working shoulder to shoulder with some of the best PR people in the business – that means lots of growth opportunities, but it also means it might take longer to get noticed or promoted. Having said that, some of the best people working in other agencies around the world list Edelman on their resumes.

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