Using Video for Your Brand: A Brief Guide on Why and How Your Brand Should be Using Video

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There is no such thing as a modern marketing plan without video. Even text based social media sites such as Twitter have expressed their wish to move into a video and image based unit of communication much like Pinterest. Video gives you the ability to express your brand in a condensed amount of time while relaying more information than any other medium available today. Here are just a few of the programs that you can use to create the video that will set your brand apart from that of your competition:



Flipagram is a program that can give you the ability to create a virtual flip book of pictures. You can then use this easily transferred file in order to enhance your marketing of all sorts. Most people use the app in order to make short videos of around 30 seconds that make stories.



If you are trying to organize your on screen activity into some sort of a marketing video, then Camtasia is the application that you want to use. Not only can you record this content, but you can also edit it and enhance it until it looks professional. You will then have the tools that allow you to share it with people over many social networks. Camtasia is one of the most frequently updated programs of any on this list, meaning that you will always have access to the latest technology as it comes out on the market.

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With Magisto, you will be able to break down the different parts of your video and save the best parts for your marketing. You can then enhance just the best parts with music, additional graphics and other effects. The individual slices can then be placed in a different order or used individually to create many different campaigns. You can also add any music that you want to your short movie, keeping it for your personal use or for use as a professional marketing tool.


ScreenFlow is an incredibly powerful editing and video casting program that is used specifically on Macs. You can create anything from a demo all the way to a standalone Mac-based program. Like many of the other choice on this list, there is a substantial feature enhancement list that can create a professional production out of a few video clips. Because of the especially enhanced features on this program, it is normally used by professional app designers in order to showcase their new products before placing them on the market.


Shuttersong allows you to enhance photographs that you may already have in your hard drive using music and narration. You can create a fully operational marketing video from a photo or a group of photos without having to use any expensive photo editing software. If you are low on resources for creating content, then you can still have a marketing campaign using this app.



PingTank gives you perhaps the best platform available for adding 2-D and 3-D imagery to your photographs and videos. If you are looking to enhance your content visually before you begin to use the content as a marketing tool, then you should definitely give this program a try.

Although you must definitely keep your ear to the street when it comes to new apps, the ones that are mentioned above will certainly provide everything that you need in the current environment when it comes to video production and the beginnings of your marketing campaign. Stay up to date with video and give your marketing campaign a boost that no other medium can give it!

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