Vocus Releases Annual State of the Media Report


Vocus a lead provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software, has released their annual State of the Media Report that is compiled every year by the Vocus Media Research Team.  Pin-pointing the key media trends of 2012, the report explains the latest media developments and how you can use them to your advantage to get your message out their.

A theme that the research team found was that the industry is in a state of rapid transformation as forward-thinking media outlets experiment with new, digitally-enabled models of delivering content.  Giving it the title “Evolving and Merging,” the report discusses how social media is continuing to shake up the industry and is forcing reporters to be more responsible for promoting their own stories in addition to reporting it, as well as other new technological advances that are changing the way information is shared.

“The report paints an exciting picture of change,” says Katrina Mendolera, the report’s author. “Newspapers are adapting to the paywall model. Magazines are developing tablet-first editions. TV news networks are using the Web to engage viewers between broadcasts, and traditional radio stations squaring up to music-streaming interlopers.”

With detailed insight into what is happening in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, the report discusses who is thriving, who’s closing and what it means for you as a PR professional.  The report also provides information such as what type of stories and content reporters are looking for and gives tips for the best ways to connect with journalists via social media.

If you’re interested in how you can use these digital opportunities to their full advantage by implementing them into your 2012 media strategy, you can download the free report on the Vocus site.

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