Deadline for submitting Bids: July 15, 2024


Mark Vessey

Telephone: 360-485-1079

Email: RFPCoordinator@wsac.wa.gov


The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) is issuing this Competitive Solicitation pursuant to RCW 39.26. Pursuant to this Competitive Solicitation, WSAC intends to conduct a competitive procurement to award an Agency Contract to provide Washington College Savings Plans (WA529) a turnkey package for youth sports sponsorships in the state of Washington.

WSAC is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from firms interested in serving as the single point of contact for youth sports sponsorships throughout the state of Washington. Bidders should have pre-established relationships with youth sports league administrators in Washington in order to find and communicate with leagues to ensure successful sponsorships. Sponsorships will take place only with leagues that are able to deliver exclusivity for WSAC within the 529 College Savings Plans business category. The Bidder selected will be responsible for installation and delivery of creative assets provided by WSAC, as well as measurement and reporting of campaign success. Bidders should have experience with managing sponsorship agreements for youth sports leagues as well as the collection of revenue and accounting of funds.


The Bidder selected will conduct the body of work required under WA529 leadership and direction. This contract will include contact, vetting, and implementation of assets for youth sports league sponsorships in the state of Washington. Knowledge, skills, body of work and services provided by the Bidder would include, but not be limited to:

a) Vetting Organizations. Bidder will find, vet, and communicate with youth sports organizations to facilitate sponsorships for WA529. Sponsorships will take place at leagues that are able to deliver exclusivity for WSAC within the 529 College Savings Plans business category.

b) Locations. WSAC wishes to sponsor leagues within the following Washington state target counties: King, Pierce, Snohomish, Clark, Yakima, and Spokane counties. Additional counties may be included with WSAC’s approval.

c) Generating & delivering assets. Once selection of leagues is approved by WSAC, Bidder will arrange with the Organizations to generate and implement the sponsorship assets described below.

d) Assets. Bidder expectations must include: o place WA529 as sponsor in a minimum of two (2) youth sports leagues in each county targeted;

  • facilitate and print WA529’s logo on jerseys worn by athletes; o print and place WA529’s banners at every game venue in sponsored leagues;
  • deliver a minimum of two (2) emails per league (24 total emails sent) during the campaign on behalf of WA529 to participating parents of athletes in sponsored leagues; COMPETITIVE SOLICITATION NO. 25RQ272 – WA529 MARKETING YOUTH SPORTS SPONSORSHIP ADMINISTRATION PAGE 2 (Rev 2022-09-01) 
  • facilitate and post messages on behalf of WA529 on sponsored league social media pages; o require each sponsored league to display the WA529 web banner on the league website recognizing WA529 as sponsor of the league; o administer pre- and post-season surveys to the families of participating athletes in each sponsored league, and share results with WA529;
  • deliver exposure of a minimum of two million (2,000,000) impressions over the duration of the campaign via a digital mobile application used by participating athletes and their families.
  • Report campaign results to WA529 via either regular monthly reports or an online campaign dashboard.

There is no travel requirement or expectation for this solicitation. All work is done remotely.

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