New Mexico PR: Water Conservation PR Campaign To Be Launched By Sante Fe, New Mexico

Water Conservation Santa Fe

The city of Sante Fe, New Mexico is seeking a PR Agency for a water resources and conservation PR campaign, to develop and implement a communications program that will address different audiences based on specific and general data-driven targets.  Selected firm will provide assistance through marketing, education, and outreach promoting water conservation efficiencies and incentives to customers; and water resource-related issues. Strategic messaging will be integral to these efforts.

The tasks include:

  • Orientation and Briefing Regarding Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Consult with city staff to receive a briefing regarding the current situation, desired outcomes, and scope of work.
  • Review and analyze current, past, and relevant documents and data.
  • Assess and build upon current materials to revise and update current messaging, branding, and theme; and identify gaps and make recommendations for improvements and/or additions.

Communications Coordination

  • Maintain communication with City staff to ensure that relevant activities are coordinated.
  • Make recommendations to City staff as needed.
  • Maintain communication with working groups and stakeholders.

Messaging and Public Outreach
Water Conservation Messaging

  1. Tailor messaging to various targets based on most current data. Targets to include individuals, businesses, public agencies, and large and small commercial enterprises such as spa and gym facilities, restaurants, and lodging establishments.
  2. Create effective messaging for individuals and businesses needing guidance on how to implement water conservation practices and make use of tools that produce easily understood measurable results.
  3. Commercial messaging that will encourage greater participation in rebates, green lodging, and efficient outdoor facility management.
  4. Messaging that encourages greater participation in outdoor irrigation rebates and efficiencies.
  5. Revamp messaging surrounding general awareness and event promotions. Work with City staff on development of graphics and other media materials.

Develop general Water Resources strategic messaging.

  1. Develop appropriate messaging and public outreach strategy surrounding the City’s initiative to evaluate beneficial reuse of treated wastewater.
  2. Work with City staff to develop messaging for education and outreach related to various Santa Fe River and Watershed activities and information including watershed tours, watershed health, and controlled burning.
  3. Develop public outreach strategies for various other projects, initiatives, and events.
  4. Identify media strategies and outlets for various targeted outreach.
  5. Work with City staff to prepare relevant updates, news releases, advertisements and web content.
  6. Work with City staff on development of graphics and other media materials.

Advertising and Social Media

  1. Utilize established media strategy to advise City staff on most effective advertising and social media platforms that are available and appropriate for various targets for both Water Resources Management and Water Conservation.
  2. Establish and manage Water Resources and Water Conservation social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Utilize targeted and general messaging to prepare and schedule social media posts
  4. Update, improve, and maintain the appropriate website(s)
  5. Develop advertising and/or general awareness campaigns for both Water Resources and Water Conservation activities
  6. Coordinate with vendors on advertisements
  7. Water Conservation requirements, drought management planning, and current education and outreach programs.

Proposals are due by November 6th to: Purchasing Office, at 2651 Siringo Road Building H, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505.

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