Weber Shandwick and Bitesize Gobble UK SME Market

Weber Shandwick Office

News today from the UK and Weber Shandwick’s Bitesize shows us that being huge does not mean huge clients like Microsoft only. Exclusive scarf brand Dominique Moseley, and IT specialists Computerised Business Systems Limited announced the appointment of Bitesize as their agency of record. Bitesize was launched by Weber Shandwick to help small to medium sized businesses during the economic crisis according to their website. Based on these and other announcements, it looks like Weber Shandwicks gamble on engaging SME’s is starting to pay off.

Dominique Moseley is about to launch a new line of scarves and Bitesize is reportedly on the campaign and branding trail for them and CBS’s awareness. The press today included a statement from Nadia Kassas of from Bitesize, who added:

“We are thrilled at prospect of working with such fantastic clients. We recognize that though the economy can be tough, there are many great small businesses in the North West that will really benefit from a bespoke, flexible approach to PR. As a Manchester agency it is vital that we support other local businesses and share with them our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise”.

The premise behind Bitesize, at least as far as we understand it, is to offer a sort of a la carte menu of PR and consulting services. These “mini” pods, if I can call them that, make sense from an economic and methodology perspective. Not every small business out there would even consider calling a huge firm like WS, but most of them could certainly profit from even press release or other particles of WS expertise. Grabbing up smaller clients in larger numbers makes sense with WS’s reach.

As for the clients added, the Dominique Moseley scarves are as Ricky Ricardo might have commented to Lucy; “Marveloose Lucy.” I have included a link and a photo or two for our readers. To be fair, I list a couple of competitors in the spaces these WS clients occupy as well. One in particular, Alexander McQueen, sells some extraordinary scarves (left for my wife) and other accesories for men and women. For those in need of a silk scarf of a PR agency, WS is obviously one of the top choices.

Another favorite from the Web 2.0 startup race of a couple of years ago is OsoYou, a great UK online shopping innovation I covered when it emerged (a little more affordable too).

As for a la carte services in Luxembourg or other EU states? Well, we are not hip to shameless self promotion. On the IT end of things, IT Service Management offers similar services to Computerized Business Systems, but I will give then the nod due to their demonstrated SEO via top Google ranking. Maybe Bitesize will clue CBSys into disruptive market innovation?

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