PHG invites proposals from a firm or individual designer/website developer for a professional update and redesign of the organization’s current website,, to enhance overall public awareness of the PVHA’s resources as well as PHG as an organization. 

Project Description: In redesigning the site, PHG’s goals include: • Position the PVHA as a leading heritage, recreational, eco- and cultural tourism destination • Present the PVHA’s historical, environmental, cultural and recreational resources in a dynamic way that educates and informs about the area and encourages visitation to the region • Implement a design architecture that allows for easy accommodation of in-house updates • Integrating social media channels into the website to encourage engagement and make up-to-date content accessible • Improve user experience of the site • Increase traffic to the website • In sum, we want the site to orient and introduce people to the PVHA, share upcoming events, attract visitors, encourage exploration of the PVHA both in-person and virtually and invite participation while also highlighting PHG as an organization with a diverse set of programs and mission


As the non-profit, managing entity for the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area (PVHA), Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc. is dedicated to preserving, protecting, interpreting, and restoring the environment, history and culture of Maryland’s most dramatic river valley for all. The PVHA is one of 13 state-certified heritage areas in Maryland. Maryland heritage areas are locally designated and managed regions where public and private partners commit to preserve historical, cultural and natural resources for sustainable economic development through heritage tourism. PHG’s programs are focused on the valley’s historical, environmental, cultural and recreational resources, as well as the education, health and safety of users. Our partners include community organizations and businesses in collaboration with Howard County government, Baltimore County government and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.

Scope of Work:

PHG’s marketing and communications strategy aims to reach two distinct audiences:

1) PVHA Visitors and Potential Visitors: Through a dynamic, responsive, image-rich, easyto-navigate redesigned website, PHG aims to appeal to visitors of all ages, including

young students and families planning travel to the PVHA as well as heritage, eco- and

recreational tourists. Our current events calendar focuses on PHG-led events geared to

local audiences but a redesigned site must include a calendar that also highlights partner

events and programs. PHG utilizes social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

YouTube and SmugMug to increase awareness of PVHA partners, events and programs.

The target audience for this section wants to find what they are looking for quickly and

directly, without wading through information about PHG as an organization.

2) PHG Partners, Stakeholders and Community Members: These users access the website

for information related to PHG’s grant programs, environmental and educational

programs, research resources, publications, and to learn more about organizational

initiatives. Staff frequently make announcements and edit information on these pages.

The target audience for this section will seek out what they want and return frequently for

updated information. Due to the organization’s two audiences, the project requires a

single website that affords the “look and feel” of two distinct sites, with different desired


As described above, we envision the site having (1) a PVHA menu that clearly indicates it is for

PVHA and covers all things PVHA and (2) a PHG menu that clearly indicates it is for PHG and

covers all things PHG. The PVHA menu should only promote the heritage area (to residents and

visitors), concentrating on learning, seeing, recreating, and visiting. Any necessary mention of

PHG should be accompanied by an explanation of the relationship between the PVHA and PHG.

The PHG menu should concentrate on how PHG undertakes efforts for the good of the PVHA,

highlighting PHG as an organization, including its news and programs, how to donate, how to

become a member and volunteer, along with partner resources.

Scope of Work — Process: The contractor must deliver to PHG a fully operational, updated

website, utilizing the following steps:

• Research/Site Structure: Work with PHG team to determine goals, customization needs,

style preferences and outline a new site structure/number of pages.

• Design: Present PHG with 3 new creative options for review, revision, and selection.

• Programming (front-end and back-end): Using WordPress/PHP, programming will be

completed based on the approved design and site structure layout. Existing backend tieins to PayPal and Little Green Light must remain.

• Search Engine Optimization: Register website at both free and paid sites (when feasible),

and ensure key search terms appear in title tags, headings, page text, and images

throughout the site.

• Beta Review Stage/Final Changes: Test the site in various Windows and Mac browsers

and operating systems, validate HTML/CSS coding, check all links, and test site

functionality. PHG will review the site and clarify any necessary changes before launch.

• Server Transfer and Launch or Future Hosting: Upon final approval, transfer all website

and database files to PHG’s preferred hosting server OR contractor to maintain hosted

site with annual hosting and maintenance fee

Due Date: October 15, 2021




Relevant agencies to consider include Hunter PR and Coyne PR.

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