Westport, CT Issues Marketing RFP

Westport, CT Issues Marketing RFP
Westport, CT Issues Marketing RFP

The Town of Westport is seeking qualified research, advertising and/or marketing corporations to research, design and draft a high quality, sophisticated and compelling marketing campaign utilizing big data, poignant facts, storytelling and benchmarked statistics on living or opening a business in Fairfield County.

The Town of Westport, in conjunction with the Fairfield Five group (Stamford, Fairfield, Norwalk, Greenwich and Westport), make up the commercial hub of Fairfield County and represent the region for economic development. The group is branded and has been collaborating for over three years on economic development presentations, corporate recruitment, strategic planning and government lobbying. It enjoys a considerable amount of financial and political support from residents and businesses in the region.

Since the mid-20th Century until today, Fairfield County has typically attracted individuals and families from New York City looking for suburban communities with proximity to NYC. However, the region has more recently been challenged by

1) Slower commuting times on its rail and highways;

2) The fiscal stability and reputation of the State of CT;

3) The global trend of young adults and young families choosing to move or remain in cities and

4) The overall growing attractiveness of home rentals, multi-modal transportation and access to arts, culture, leisure and dining in urban areas.

Fairfield County must compete with places like Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York, as well as New Jersey and even Boston. While enjoying much appreciation from its own residents, the region seeks to refresh its image and appeal again to outsiders and tomorrow’s leaders. It seeks to educate, inform and sell the quality of life and economics of living or working here to New Yorkers, while highlighting some of the current leading business industries and ecosystems in Fairfield County. The campaign must target the New York City and the tristate region.

Scope of Work:

The chosen vendor/s must have substantial experience with national and global marketing campaigns. It should have a team of analytical researchers, copywriters and effective designers.

Phase I: A subsequent RFP will request that the chosen vendor gather important and compelling economic, social and cultural indicators separately for each of the five communities (Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Fairfield & Westport) and the associated data points. The indicators and data should be prepared individually for each community so said communities can utilize the data for local purposes.

Phase II: Once the indicators and data have been identified and agreed upon by the municipalities, the vendor will then be responsible for creating a marketing and advertising campaign that promotes and highlights the Fairfield Five and the important facts about the area. The data in phase I should be aggregated and include compelling facts from other Fairfield County communities. The vendor will also be asked to tell the story of the Fairfield Five from its inception to its accomplishments and mission. The campaign must include various images and slogans to choose from and a plan for where, when and how to market the materials.

Due Date:



Finance Department Town Hall Room 313 110 Myrtle Avenue Westport, CT 06880

Relevant agencies include Alison Brod PR and Hunter PR.

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