Why do authors need publicists?

When publicizing a book, the media should be used to spreading the word about it. Publicity often determines whether a book will be successful . Without publicity, no one will know that a book exists. In today’s competitive publishing market, PR  for authors is necessary to spark sales, establish the brand of an author, and create a foundation upon which future books can be launched. With thousands of books being launched each day, publicists for authors are more important than ever. Given below are reasons why authors need publicists.

Self-promotion is difficult 

Selling books is not only about persuading readers to buy them. It is also about generating interest in the book. Self-promotion is not easy for a lot of people, including authors. This is why they seek the help of PR professionals with years of expertise in developing marketing messages,  identifying and reaching out to target markets, interacting with the media, and keeping everything running on schedule. It is essential to prepare a PR plan and determine whether a writer is going to hire a PR agency, promote on their own, or do a combination of both.


A publicist’s primary job is to network. PR professionals put a lot of effort into bundling all the information they need to design effective campaigns for authors. They also nurture business relationships with hundreds of high-profile contacts including buyers, bloggers, tv show producers, etc. They can also use the network to spread the word about a new book.

Help build a brand

A lot of people are averse to the idea that authors are brands. This reveals a lack of understanding of why it is so important to build an author brand. The aim of a powerful author brand is to establish an author’s uniqueness. A PR professional can promote an author’s brand. If an author wants to write multiple books and become a respected name in their genre, it makes sense to hire a publicist to promote their brand. For instance, an author can become the go-to young adult romance author.

Get books into stores and libraries

For many writers, distribution to stores and libraries can be quite difficult. The first step to getting a book into a library or  store is to speak to someone who is in a decision-making position in person. Laura Rossi Toten, founder of Laura Rossi Public Relations, urges authors to get face time with potential outlets. Buyers normally do not take a gamble with an unknown author. A publicist can make sure that the right people- like buyers and librarians- know about an author’s works.  A library will need some evidence or social proof that would persuade them to add a book to their collection. A publicist can help with this by making a book appear worthy.

Competitive edge

The number of books being published every year has exploded. Many genres have become saturated with a surplus of books about the same thing.  It is hard to stand out when you are one of many. Thus authors need a competitive edge that gets them in front of their target audiences. A publicist will know how to promote their books to the right people.

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