WorkplaceNL Issues Media RFP

The Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (“WorkplaceNL”) is inviting prospective Applicants to submit proposals for professional services of a firm or consultant to manage all media placements for WorkplaceNL’s social media marketing campaign targeting the Newfoundland and Labrador audience. WorkplaceNL reserves the right to contract with one provider of services for all regions or to contract with separate providers, as required, to provide the required services.


WorkplaceNL provides services to employers, injured workers and their dependents, and the public through the administration of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act (the Act). These services include promoting workplace health and safety in order to prevent and reduce workplace injuries and occupational disease. WorkplaceNL also works to ensure injured workers receive the best care possible and the benefits to which they are entitled; and facilitates recovery and return-to-work in an early and safe manner. In addition, WorkplaceNL administers an employer classification and assessment system, and must ensure adequate funding for services through sound financial management. WorkplaceNL is organized along four main functional areas:

1) worker services; 

2) employer services; 

3) corporate services; and 

4) financial services. 

These functional areas support the organization’s three main lines of business:

1. Education on the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses, and occupational disease;

2. Claims management for injured workers; and

3. Employer assessments (insurance coverage)

Scope of Work:

The successful Applicant will co-ordinate the placement of television, online and other media advertising supporting WorkplaceNL’s social marketing campaign in Newfoundland and Labrador. WorkplaceNL is a member of the Ignite Key Program with Stingray Communications’ radio stations, the Brand Program with Coast 101.1 radio station and the Rogers sponsorship agreement. These placements and occasional media buys placed directly by WorkplaceNL with radio stations and social media sites for select ads/campaigns are outside of the scope of this RFP. The successful Applicant will provide overall strategic direction for media placement. The successful Applicant will provide detailed pre-buy campaign overview showing anticipated times of day, shows and viewer demographics for the buy, and post-buy analysis within four (4) weeks of the end of each campaign. The successful Applicant will also participate in an annual review of media efficiency. WorkplaceNL’s annual social marketing media buy may range up to $180,000 and typically constitutes a fall and spring buy, including media placement fees and air time. The successful Applicant will receive direction from the Director of Communications (or designate) and will work in close co-operation with WorkplaceNL’s Communications Department. The successful Applicant is responsible to invoice WorkplaceNL for the media placement management services, the cost of media placements and ACTRA fees.

Due Date:

December 30, 2019 before 2:00 p.m. (NL Time)




146-148 Forest Road 

P.O. Box 9000 

St. John’s, NL A1A 3B8

Relevant agencies include MWWPR and Hunter PR.

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