Yahoo Launches Marketing Dashboard for SMBs

Yahoo Small Business has just released the Marketing Dashboard, a new product helping small biz manage and enhance their digital marketing strategies and efforts. The new service offers a consolidated view of a business’ results for their marketing efforts and of their online reputation. The Yahoo Marketing Dashboard has four different components, search engine and directory listing, online reputation management, campaign tracking and site traffic analysis.

Featuring American Express Open as one of their launch sponsors, the Yahoo Marketing Dashboard might become a great way to generate revenue. It will be available as a free version as well, but most tools and benefits are offered within the premium package. As the general manager of Yahoo Small Business, Tom Byun, said, the division already has about 10 million small business customers. The Dashboard is an attempt to turn at least some of them into paying customers and have them move beyond email and Yahoo Fianance.

“This is a very proven, long-standing business that’s also highly profitable,” Byun explained. “We’re now taking it beyond web hosting to, ‘How can you help me grow my business and manage it day-to-day?’

Through the dashboard, small businesses can find out whether they are listed in about 100 business sites and directories, such as Yelp or Yahoo Local. At the same time, the online reputation management tool reviews information from across 8000 sources, including popular social media channels, and displays the company’s reputation as a bar chart score. It also displays recent comments and reviews posted online to allow for easy tracking and monitoring.

Along with the search engine marketing and optimization tracking and advice, plus all the other website performance metrics, which also include Google Analytics results, the Yahoo Marketing Dashboard is shaping up as a very useful digital marketing service for SMBs.

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