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Will Yahoo Make “Hangouts” Out of Rondee?

If Google has gotten a lot of public perception miles out of buying stuff, Yahoo! can certainly be said to be on a PR roll given their most recent Rondee acquisition. The San Diego based free conference calling service grab does have a few experts puzzled as to where Yahoo’s small business segment is going to run with this latest new toy.

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Yahoo UK Launches First Integrated Campaign to Promote omg!

Well over a year after its official launch back in July 2011, Yahoo started the first campaign to promote its gossip site omg! The campaign includes several components and was created by Pitch, which also handled experiential and PR. The social and digital elements are handled by MediaVest, while for CBS will take on the outdoor campaign.


Yahoo Launches Marketing Dashboard for SMBs

Yahoo Small Business has just released the Marketing Dashboard, a new product helping small biz manage and enhance their digital marketing strategies and efforts. The new service offers a consolidated view of a business’...

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Yahoo! Are They That Incompetent?

There are only two kinds of people in the world, starting today. People who once worked for Yahoo!, and people who currently work for Yahoo! News that the wavering Internet giant has “stirred” the...