Your HDTV is 4 Times Worse Than New Ultra HD Sets

Although most people are pleased with the readily-available and always-getting-cheaper 1,080p high definition (HD) TV sets, some people were thinking that maybe it’s time for something better — and it’s here. Enter 4K ultra-high-definition TV.

Sony X9 4K Ultra HD TV

Simply put, 4K TV offers much-higher resolution than is obtained with the best quality HD TV in the market. To be more exact, it offers 3,840 by 2,160 whereas standard HD televisions offer 1,920 by 1,080 resolution.

Sony is one of the leaders in the 4K TV market. Their product line will feature:

  • Life-like images and viewing pleasure
  • Sony’s distinctive/unique 4K X-Reality Pro 2-chip picture-engine
  • TRILUMINOS™ Display color control/stabilization technology, managing even difficult to project reds, greens, and blues
  • Excellent LED backlighting, producing good contrast and blacker blacks
  • Impressive 65 Watt, magnetic fluidity, front-facing speaker system
  • Cinematic picture quality via full high-quality 3D & passive glasses.

All of these features are available for a price tag of $5,000 for Sony’s Bravia X900 55-inch model.

Does 4K TV Have Any Drawbacks?

As Brian Gefter of Provacateur noted, “Unfortunately, 4K TV does have a few challenging hurdles to overcome. At worst, though, they will only make some people wait until these deficiencies are addressed or removed. One of those down-sides is the price tag. Even the 50-inch 4K TV put out by relatively-unknown Chinese manufacturer Seiki is going for $1,300. Will people pay premium prices for having this technology somewhat ahead of its time?

Another drawback: available content. What good is an Ultra HD set when the vast majority of available content is standard HD? A state-of-the-art media player, Sony’s FMP-X1 will be sold as a companion piece. It is pre-loaded with 10 4K-quality movies (titles currently unknown) and the ability to receive/play movies from Sony’s upcoming 4K-resolution fee-based service. The new PlayStation 4 will also take advantage of 4K resolution in select titles.”

Should You Purchase a 4K TV?

In spite of the price tag and limited content options, 4K TV has many things going for it.

When PlayStation4 comes out, for example, it’s going to more than justify the need for 4K high resolution technology. Video game animation is getting crisper and more realistic every day. A 4K set will give gamers the most realistic gaming experiences available to date.

Despite the popularity of mobile content streaming, there will always be content that’s better on a big screen. You don’t want to see the latest blockbuster superhero movie on a tablet or smartphone. Entertainment is more entertaining when you can see all the details intended by the filmmaker. Pair that with a solid surround sound system and a 4K TV will make you feel like you’re in a movie theater.

As more people buy 4K TVs, more products will be made for them, including 4K-resolution movies/programming. DirecTV has already trademarked a 4K/Ultra HD network, according to It’s only a matter of time before all cable and satellite providers are offering Ultra HD content.


If you have an innate need to keep up with the newest technology, go ahead and purchase a 4K ultra-definition television. At first, you may not be overwhelmed with the things you can play on it but, make no mistake, 4K ultra-definition technology will replace HD TV — it’s just a matter of time. If you don’t mind waiting for the initial release, hold off on purchasing until prices come down and available content is more readily available.

It may take a while before they can be found in most homes, but, like the smartphone 4K TVs will become popular items.

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