5 ways PR can Increase your Non-Profit Success


Ronn Torossian believes that service is ingrained in our country’s DNA. That’s one of the reasons he founded the Ronn Torossian Foundation. Seeing volunteers step up and selflessly take on a huge challenge is exciting and inspiring, giving them an opportunity to make a difference together is an even bigger thrill. No matter what your […]

Revealed! 4 secrets of negotiations for powerful women


Is it true that women can’t bargain? As a matter of fact, women can master negotiations just as well as men. During a business meeting that involves negotiations, women don’t like to be antagonistic or importunate; they hate to intimidate an opponent because they don’t want to hurt feelings and create a hostile environment. Rather than […]

NY Times article puts Starbucks on Blast


If you ever doubted the power of the media to influence change in a major business, Ronn Torossian says you need to know about the recent tilt between Starbucks and the New York Times. Both contenders are legitimate titans, both in business and in the Big Apple. There’s a Starbucks on every corner (sometimes two) […]

Brutally Foolish PR Move Puts Hotel in Hot Water


It might end up being one of the most misguided PR mistakes of the year, and by now it’s likely you have heard about Union Street Guest House … but for all the wrong reasons. The hotel, located in a prime location on the Hudson River, decided it would be a stellar idea to actually […]

When Business Battles Labor who wins the PR battle?


Sometimes, when it comes to corporate or consumer PR, a win – even a legitimate win – is anything but a victory. Recently, labor advocates celebrated a major win after a federal agency said, when considering liability issues,  McDonald’s corporate operations can be combined – or considered together – with its thousands of franchisees. Ronn […]

3 More Industries that love Big Data

There has been a ton of conversations and reams of articles written about how Big Data is benefitting the medical, financial, and insurance industry, as well as the public sector. But these are far from the only industries that are already benefitting from Big Data Analysis. It’s no secret that Utility Companies have begun switching […]

MediaLink Aiding Unilever in Digital Revamp

Unilever hunt

Unilever, the London based consumer goods giant, is now in a hunt for new digital representation. In what appears to be an almost total revamp of the company’s global digital effort, global strategy consult MediaLink will assist in the search.

Why Americans Don’t Matter to American Media or Politicians

Morning Newspaper by Georgie Pauwels

If Vladimir Putin is not Satan himself, how can so many newspapers and newsrooms claim he is? The man Americans trust as their president, and all of his men and women, why they say so too! So, Russia’s president has to be evil, he has to be responsible for everything bad on Earth, right?