Crisis PR

What Airlines can Teach About Crisis Communications

Southwest Airlines - everything-pr

Linda Rutherford, VP and chief communications officer at Southwest Airlines, recently shared some tips for crisis communications and making a plan in advance. These ideas apply to all businesses and are pretty basic concepts. If you don’t already have a plan, start one, and if you do, continue to update and upgrade it with the […]

CVS introduces generic competitor to EpiPen

CVS introduces generic competitor to EpiPen

Months back, when Mylan, maker of the popular EpiPen announced that the product’s price was going up rather precipitously, people from coast to coast panicked, then began looking for another option. Some tried to go without the life-saving drug. Others looked toward Canadian import companies. This was the status for countless Americans for months, scrambling to […]

Pfizer drops the cost of vaccine to charities

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It’s been a rough year for Big Pharma. You know all the stories, huge drug price hikes, exclusions, rate increases on prescription drugs … endless headlines turning the public image of the average drug company into some kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic wasteland. One drug company appears tired of taking it on the chin. Pfizer […]

How Can Local Governments Prepare for Crisis PR

How Can Local Governments Prepare in Advance for a Crisis

All that’s needed is to watch the news for a few weeks for people to know that crisis can happen with very little warning. Natural disasters – flooding, earthquakes, tornados, and blizzards offer little or no warning for communities, but at the same time, those communities are aware of what natural calamities could befall their […]

Crisis PR & the Pentagon’s Budget

Crisis PR and the Pentagon's Budget

For decades a large part of the U.S. federal budget has been attributed to military spending and development. It’s not a secret. But information was released recently about how much of their budget is about PR, and what some would call the propaganda machine. The sad truth is that the current annual budget for PR […]

German TV star takes heat for blackface sketch

German TV star takes heat for blackface sketch

Okay, say it with me now, if you do something in blackface, no matter how funny you think it is, you will need to hire a PR company to fix your stupid mess. Seriously, at this point in history, you would think folks would be beyond certain things. It doesn’t matter how drunk you were […]

A Syrian “No Fly” Zone and the PR Connection

A Syrian "No Fly" Zone and the PR Connection

Syrian refugees and Aleppo are all over the news and social media, and to a great extent that’s because of the efforts of a PR company called the Syrian Campaign. Yes, that’s right, though they say they are a non-political and impartial voice for the Syrian people. James Sadri, the strategy director for the PR […]