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Silicon Valley Bigwigs Hit With Sexual Harassment Claims

Silicon Valley bigwigs hit with sexual harassment claims

The Tech industry has long been accused of promoting a “boys club” atmosphere that is both dismissive of and antagonistic to women. Many big names in the industry have fought to dispel this reputation, but now a headline is being spread that brings that negative reputation back to the forefront. This, after venture capitalist Justin […]

NBC Defends Megyn Kelly over Alex Jones segment


When it comes to the hunt for ratings gold, no one can say Megyn Kelly is not swinging for the fences. After a slow start out of the gate, the former Fox host booked provocateur and oft-discredited rumor mill, Alex Jones, for a spot on her latest program. When the show’s 90-second promo dropped, reaction […]

Juicero Feeling the PR Crisis Squeeze

Juicero Feeling the PR Crisis Squeeze

We live in a time when combining technology with health can be a great seller, both in the market and on the market. Foods and tech together can draw people in, and when you combine the tech, the healthy food, and an ongoing need to purchase that healthy food package, then you should be firing […]

Celebrity Hacker Who Stole Nudes Pleads Out

Celebrity hacker who stole nudes pleads out

The internet is awash in both legitimate and “fake” celebrity nude photos. Some celebs “leak” these pics to grab some relevance or to help promote a new project. Others do it “just because” … but many, many celebs are embarrassed to have their privacy invaded when nudes are posted without their consent.

Tunnel collapse puts PR pressure on nuclear energy

As the debate about fossil-fuel energy continues to rage, a small but dedicated and growing chorus is calling for a renewal of nuclear energy. Once considered to be the fuel of the future, nuclear has ardent fans and equally dedicated opponents. And, after a recent tunnel collapse at a nuclear weapons complex, score a point […]

Congresswoman Slammed for Misusing Charity Funds

Congresswoman Slammed for Misusing Charity Funds

Former US Representative Corrine Brown is on the hot seat in Florida. Prosecutors have accused Brown of misappropriating funds donated to a charity set up to help poor children, using those funds to live a “lavish lifestyle” of high-end shopping and fancy parties. The 70-year-old former representative pled not guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges.

Munoz Will Not Be United Chairman

Munoz Will Not Be United Chairman

Not that long ago, United CEO Oscar Munoz was riding high. Recently named PR Week’s Communicator of the Year, Munoz was already United CEO and was all set to step into the Chairman’s seat. Then came a series of escalating PR problems and at least one outright PR disaster. Munoz tried to apply those award-winning […]