How is Adidas Beating Nike at Its Own Game on Its Own Turf?

The Adidas athletic shoe and clothing brand is surging in the United States, right past rivals like Nike and Under Armour, which have owned the market for years. According to the most recent sales figures, Adidas continues to enjoy double-digit sales growth in North America, well ahead of other popular shoe and clothing brands. How […]

Which Universities Offer Best Public Relations Degree?

Which Universities Offer The Best Public Relations Degree?

For professionals who dream of creating the next big advertising stunt or helping companies to thrive in the competitive modern marketplace, a degree in PR could be the ultimate way to unlock the perfect career. As the media becomes a more pervasive part of the world we live in, various colleges and universities have begun […]

Danica Patrick on the Fast Lane to Fitness Guru

Danica Patrick on the Fast Lane to Fitness Guru

Ever since she hit the ultimate fast lane in NASCAR, Danica Patrick has been a popular and polarizing figure in both sports and the media. As an advertising icon, she’s been solid gold for sponsors. An attractive, interesting and compelling figure in a sport known for characters and big personalities.