3 Reasons to Embrace Employee Advocacy Now

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I travel a lot and wherever I go, I meet marketers who are looking for new and better ways to reach their audience. One of the things that strikes me is how often these smart people are missing a major selling opportunity right under their noses: employee advocacy. Being the sophisticated marketers that my contacts […]

Can Glenn Beck reinvent himself as the voice of reason?

Can Glenn Beck reinvent himself as the voice of reason?

Popular media personalities have been all over the map about the recent election. But one who has remained staunchly aligned with his rhetoric throughout is media mogul and perennial outsider Glenn Beck. Owner of The Blaze radio and Internet media brands, Beck has been the face of GOP discontent with Trump almost since the beginning.

Haute Living: Reaching Luxury And Winning In Media

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Haute Living is a media company that is all about luxury and the top entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers in the world. They put out a bi-monthly magazine in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles – and their online property is international and covers mainly the four cities listed above plus Dallas, […]

Why Large Corporations Are Centralizing PR Efforts


Many multinational corporations that provide products and services easily identified by citizens around the world have begun to centralize their PR efforts. Each corporation or conglomerate is finding their own path to doing that, but clearly, they believe the move will be more effective – both financially and from a sales, marketing, and public relations […]

Happenings at Burson-Marsteller, WPP PR, Ketchum, and PR in Moscow


New U.S. Healthcare Division Chair at Burson-Marsteller Henry Engleka joins the DC office of Burson-Marsteller as the new chair of the healthcare division. Engleka brings 20+ years of experience in healthcare communication and extensive work in the healthcare field. He worked most recently as a member of the Marketing Steering Committee and senior consultant at […]

Wonder Woman named UN “ambassador” amid protests

Wonder Woman named UN “ambassador” amid protests

The United Nations created an uproar when it named DC Comics’ Amazon Princess “Wonder Woman” a “special ambassador” in honor of the character’s 75th birthday. The honorific chosen was “Special Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls” and you might think that would be a positive thing. And it was … just not for […]

Canada Tells America It’s Great: A Happy PR Campaign

Canada Tells America It's Great: A Happy PR Campaign

As our Presidential campaign continues, there have been a lot of doom and gloom feelings and predictions. One of Trump’s campaign slogans has been “Make America Great Again.” Some declare we still are, while others are terrified about the possibilities of conflicts in the Middle East, the Supreme Court turn-over, whether Roe v. Wade will […]