With Junior Done, What’s Next for NASCAR?

With Junior Done, What's Next for NASCAR?

Pro auto racing in the US has some big questions to answer this off-season. What to do about Danica Patrick may be one, but the biggest one of them all will be what to do about Little E. Dale Earnhardt Jr., heir to NASCAR royalty and a standout driver in his own right, built a […]

Business Lessons from Young Entrepreneurs

Business Lessons from Young Entrepreneurs

You’ve heard it so much, it’s become cliché: it’s never too early or too late. But you’ve also seen the wreckage: people who jumped in too fast or changed too late to keep things going in the right direction. You’ve watched them crash and burn, and you promised – you outright swore – that would […]

Managers, Do This and Keep Your Best People

Hey manager, do this and keep your best people

All good managers are concerned about employee retention. But you don’t just want to keep your people; you want them to be enthusiastic, optimistic, and engaged every day when they come to work. How can you create that kind of environment? Work on developing these traits in yourself as a manager.

Unlock These Key Traits in Younger Leaders

Unlock these key traits in your younger leaders

Thanks to the expansive Millennial generation, there’s a strong youth movement that will come to define American business in the coming years. There’s a lot that’s been written about Millennials and all the supposed “traits” these people share. Here’s a hint: the thing they share most is “age” … from there, it’s about the person, […]

Checklist For Successful Business Partnerships

Checklist For Successful Business Partnerships

Sometimes, having a business partner is just what the doctor ordered. You can delegate responsibilities to the partner who better enjoys or has more affinity for certain aspects of the business, and everyone is better for it. Business partners can also help take some of the financial strain off, especially if roles are carefully defined […]

Your Word as Your Biggest Marketing Asset

Your word as your biggest marketing asset

It’s unclear if the world of business was ever a “handshake” world. It certainly plays well on classic TV, and it offers fond memories of The Way It Was Then, but, regardless, it’s certainly not that way anymore. But should that mean the only thing defining your reputation is the letter of the law? Not […]