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Born & Bred Hot-Shot NY’ers In PR Agency World

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  Public Relations and New York have always gone hand in hand. Here is our list of the top PR born and raised NY’ers in the Public Relations industry! Howard Rubenstein Howard Rubenstein doesn’t just have a premier name in the PR world, he’s got a great story behind his success also. He is a […]

What’s Really Behind Citibank’s Fear of Taxi Medallions


Earlier this year, Citibank foreclosed on a set of taxi medallion loans made to Gene Friedman, one of New York’s largest medallion owners. The question in the financial media, however, is why Citibank foreclosed on a loan, simply because of an ACH payment that was allegedly two days late. Friedman alleges that the recent correction […]

Top Democrat Public Relations Firm CEO’s

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There is an old saying that warns against discussing politics or religion with people you don’t know well. Yea, well, we’re ignoring that rule right now. For the common man or woman, your political affiliation or contributions probably won’t be plastered all over the Internet. Many CEOs also do their best to keep that private. […]

Can Cabs Make a Comeback?

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These days ask anyone, and they will tell you Uber is all the rage. At least, they will say that if they don’t work for the cab company. Talk to a cabbie about Uber, and you are liable to get slammed with a string of four-letter expletives that would make a Parris Island Drill Instructor […]

Who are the top Republican PR Firm CEOs

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While the public relations industry is very liberal, it seems there are some Republicans. Some on this list serve politicians, lobby for initiatives, and even have worked for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Here – in no particular order – are some of the leading PR Agency owners who are Republicans.   Danny Diaz, Founder […]

Who are the Top Seattle PR Firms

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What makes a top PR firm? It takes flexibility, creativity, and a willingness to use different areas of public relations to be successful. These top Seattle PR firms do all of this and more. They have become exceptional in their field because of their diligence and understanding of what it takes to succeed in public […]

The Changing Nature of Press Releases

The Changing Nature of Press Releases

Press releases are not going to disappear from the scene anytime soon. But like most things, press releases go through transitions, adapting to the current trends and becoming a more effective tool in the process. What are some of the current and expected trends for the future? Well some that are happening already and will […]