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Ohlone Community College District Seeks Digital Agency

Ohlone Community College District Seeks Digital Agency

The Ohlone Community College District (“Ohlone College”) serves the cities of Fremont, Newark and parts of Union City in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area and is seeking a new digital agency to create a website.  The Fremont Campus is located on Mission Boulevard south of Interstate 680 and the historic […]

Water Focused Public Relations Firm Is Sought

North Georgia Water Planning Issues Marketing & Public Relations RFP

The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District is requesting proposals from firms to develop and implement an integrated marketing plan (the Plan) focused on water conservation and highlighting the District’s key regional messaging and resources available through the District’s website ( and My Drop Counts water conservation program (

Verizon pushes upgrade fee

Verizon pushes upgrade fee

The landscape of the mobile industry is changing. As the biggest players in the market close the gap on the longtime industry leader, each brand is looking for a way to bring customers over from Those Guys to Us.

A Syrian “No Fly” Zone and the PR Connection

A Syrian "No Fly" Zone and the PR Connection

Syrian refugees and Aleppo are all over the news and social media, and to a great extent that’s because of the efforts of a PR company called the Syrian Campaign. Yes, that’s right, though they say they are a non-political and impartial voice for the Syrian people. James Sadri, the strategy director for the PR […]

Verizon cutting jobs as market sours

Verizon pushes upgrade fee

For decades in the wireless marketplace, there have been some bedrock realities that both consumers and companies could bank on. One: Verizon had the best … everything … except for price. AT&T was a distant second and those Other Guys? They were for folks who couldn’t get Verizon, for whatever reason.

Is Pfizer Abandoning NYC?

Pfizer Revamps its Public Relations Campaign

A recent article in the Wall Street Times rocked the pharmaceutical world by claiming that one of the world’s biggest drug companies, Pfizer, will be leaving its longtime Manhattan headquarters. Headline Only Readers grabbed up this tidbit without reading the rest of the article and claimed the company was leaving the city entirely. Chicken Littles, […]