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Public Relations News Updates: Rubenstein PR, Omnicom PR Firms Down… and More?

Rubenstein Public Relations

Rubenstein Associates helping Chipotle It’s been a rough year or so for the “healthy” Chipotle food chain, proving not so healthy on several occasions and in numerous locations. They recently added Rubenstein Associates to assist with crisis reputation and management issues faced because of the food-born illness shut-downs. Chipotle, based in Denver, has been dealing […]

Public Relations Firms Attracting Cities as Clients

PR Firms City

Public relations firms are no stranger to government. In fact, many would argue that politics and politicians helped drive the success and popularity of PR today. Public relations firms have worked with presidents, governors, mayors, and even entire departments. But now some forward-thinking PR firms take on cities as clients.   City of Beloit hires […]

Stephen Fry and Twitter Arguments

Stephen Fry

Despite recognition and wide reach, comedian and actor Stephen Fry complained at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival that social media is “dispiriting, upsetting and annoying.” His reason is that arguments for major issues like gender and politics often end up in bitter exchanges, and the points of the argument get lost in the bickering. Instead, […]

What’s Happening with BGR, APCO, Mercury PR, and SKDK


APCO Worldwide APCO is still gung-ho on playing ball with China, who has recently been cracking down on non-Chinese tech companies with holdings there. Per Bloomberg: “Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo are among the world’s top makers of computing hardware and telecom networking equipment. President Xi Jinping’s government can afford to phase out its use of […]

Water PR Crisis: Can Flint Officials Recover?

Water Shortage

The federal government finally declared a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan. When more than 100,000 can’t drink their water, that qualifies as an emergency, but it should have never taken the Obama administration getting involved. For months, local officials denied there was any problem. Countless children in Flint were being poisoned every time they […]

New Hires and the Hunt for New PR Firms

Digital PR

Its still Q1, and already big companies and PR firms are experiencing shakeups in management, and clientele. Whether it’s a new executive, or hunting for new PR representation, the dynamic world of public relations always produces change. Here are some new developments taking place in the world of PR: Veronica Gonzalez Heads Porter Novelli’s Team […]

Kovert Creative, New Denver PR firm & More

PR News

There’s always something happening in the PR universe, but here’s more on some of the big PR news currently: Kovert Creative opens its doors PMK*BMC veteran executives Lewis Kay and Joseph Assad left their previous positions to open up a new agency – a joint venture with VME-IMG, an entertainment and sports conglomerate though the […]