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What Does the Future Hold for Marissa Mayer?

What does the future hold for Marissa Mayer

Yahoo is now under the umbrella of Verizon, and that left one CEO too many on the employee organizational chart. Marissa Mayer had to go. But what will the former Yahoo CEO do next? She opened up about that question in a recent interview with Business Insider. Right out of the gate, the popular former […]

GOT Cameo a Hit and a Miss for Sheeran

GOT cameo a hit and a miss for Sheeran

The Game of Thrones premier this year may have been the most-anticipated premier of all time. It was certainly the most watched premiere in HBO history. More than 10 million tuned in to watch the first run, and six million more tuned in for replays or streamed the show on HBO GO or HBO Now. And, […]

State of Louisiana Issues RFP For Media Agency

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) has issued an RFP seeking an agency to provide paid media advertising placement services to include research on appropriate demographics based on the latest traffic safety data statistics; development of a statewide media buy plan; coordinate and purchase statewide media buys; preparation and submittal of all required reports. Background: […]

British Regulators Crack Down on Commercial Dads

British regulators crack down on commercial dads

From Peter Griffin to Tim Taylor to Homer Simpson and all the way back to Archie Bunker, American TV has long since decided “father” does not “know best.” Look at most sitcoms, live action or animated, and you will see the dynamic of the wise, long-suffering mother – who occasionally freaks out – the bumbling […]

United Takes Steps to Reduce Involuntary “Bumping”

United takes steps to reduce involuntary “bumping”

United Airline is taking a public relations beating this year…much of it self-inflicted. Now, after months of misfires and misreading public sentiment, the company appears to be trying to make moves in the right direction. Moves that some are calling “baby steps” … but at least they’re moving. Recently, the company began promising to “bump” […]

Real Estate PR Firm RFP Issued

Real Estate PR Firm RFP Issued

New York State Homes and Community Renewal has issued an RFP for marketing and advertising. The State of New York Mortgage Agency was created in 1970 to increase the affordability of homeownership for low- to moderate-income residents of New York State. The Agency is a corporate governmental agency constituting a public benefit corporation, created under […]

News From Makovsky, Ketchum, 5WPR, Stagwell Group, and DKC


Makovsky Hires Rob Schachter as EVP Healthcare in NY Office Rob Schachter moves into Makovsky’s New York Office as their Executive VP and Deputy head of their Healthcare division reporting directly to Susan Goldstein, chief strategy officer and partner. Schachter has been working as the managing director at Lazar Partners since 2015, and before that, […]

JCPenney Betting on Nostalgia

JCPenney betting on nostalgia

Unless you’ve been living under a rocky, you know that retail – especially big box department store retail – is hurting in the modern American economy. Iconic brands like Sears are closing stores and others, like Radioshack and HHgregg, are closing up shop altogether. In this difficult environment, certain brands seem to be limping along, […]

Tiffany & Co Taps a New Leader

Tiffany & Co taps a new leader

For nearly two years under CEO Frederic Cumenal, one of the premier jewelry brands in the world, Tiffany & Co., struggled. They failed to release many new products, couldn’t attract customers and watched sales continue to slide. After 22 months of this, the board had enough. Cumenal was asked to resign this past February, and […]