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Chipotle trying to woo back its customer base


Chipotle did not weather the e.Coli problem well. Since news about tainted food hit the news, people have been flocking pretty much anywhere else to get their “healthy fast” fix. Now the company is resorting to outright paying people to get fans to come back, literally giving food away. The current offers include a free […]

Corporations Can Craft Better Public Policies

public Policy

Many people think of public policy as the work of politicians. When corporations become involved, it’s a common belief that they do so only to throw influence and wealth behind political issues. Many also believe these issues purely benefit the company and its industry, but not the population at large. As a result, corporations face […]

PR Happenings: Pollack PR, Bell Pottinger & More…

PR News Updates

Both Los Angeles and London always have a lot happening, and PR is no exception. Here’s what’s going on in LA and across the pond recently. Pollack PR remains AOR for SodaStream USA After a three-month review process, SodaStream USA, the leading distributor and manufacturer of home sparkling water makers globally chose to remain with […]

Utah Attempts to Gag the Porn Industry

Porn Industry

All “art forms” venture into controversy at some point, but none more so than the pornographic film industry. Since its inception, porn repeatedly faced a backlash from a wide range of organizations and groups in the public sphere – angry wives, disgusted Christians, concerned public health officials, and offended feminists. In spite of some attempts […]

Mexican President Sends PR Team To America

President Enrique Peña Niet

Donald Trump hedges a great deal of his bid for the White House on his stance against illegal immigration. And while people from many cultures around the world migrate illegally to the United States, his primary target in anti-immigration talks centers on Mexicans, who make up the bulk of illegal immigrants in America. This position […]

News from Porter Novelli, MWW PR, Behrman Communications & More

Matthew Lehrich

Matthew Lehrich returns to White House after stint with Porter Novelli President Obama appointed Matthew Lehrich as the assistant secretary for communications and outreach, the top communications position in the Department of Education. Lehrich returned to fill the post beginning in February. He and three other people were appointed to positions in the White House […]

Trump Getting Buried in the Press by Veterans’ Charities

Donald Trump Stressed

Remember when Donald Trump skipped a debate and held a charity drive for military groups? So does everyone else, and now they are asking who actually got paid. According to Trump’s people, his fundraiser brought in $6 million for various veterans’ charities. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, less than half of those funds […]

Fake Cancer Charity Closes its Doors

breast cancer awareness everything-pr

Sometimes bad public relations leads to good news. While most companies and brands truly deserve help when their name is being dragged through the mud, there are a few most folks would just as soon see gone. Case in point, a pair of sham cancer charities that stole tens of millions from duped donors. The […]

Pope Francis Continues to Walk the Line

Pope Francis

For both critics and fans of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has proven a compelling figure. Opponents cheer every time the pontiff says anything that could be somewhat construed as contradictory to previous church teaching, while church leaders, though obviously not entirely comfortable, have, to date, found ways to connect with his preachments. With each […]