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News About SHIFT, MWWPR, PR Equality And More

News About SHIFT, MWWPR, PR Equality And More

Big Changes at SHIFT In Boston, SHIFT PR is going through some major shifts! Todd Defren, one of the founders and CEO has announced that he’s retiring and leaving mid-November. He stayed on with the firm after it was sold to National PR as part of the RES Publica holdings about 18 months ago. Amy […]

Can UCONN Live Up To Preseason Hype?

Can UCONN live up to preseason hype?

It’s time once again for college hoops, and, as the season looms, the UCONN’s women are once again getting all the hype. The Huskies were the AP’s unanimous number one in the first preseason poll, tying Tennessee for most number one rankings overall…at least heading into the season. And that’s where we all have to […]

Colts Can’t Keep a QB Healthy

Colts can’t keep a QB healthy

In the NFL, injuries can happen to anyone. But when you have a team that can’t keep their QB healthy, year after year, fans begin to think the team has an albatross hanging around. Just ask Indianapolis Colts fans now that franchise quarterback Andrew Luck is, once again, going to miss the rest of the […]

Is the NFL Slump Hurting Pizza Sales?

Is the NFL slump hurting pizza sales?

One of the more bizarre offshoots of the debate about NFL kneelers this season has come from the CEO of the Papa John’s pizza chain, who recently blamed the controversy for his company’s falling sales. “The controversy is polarizing the customer, polarizing the country. NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders… This should have been […]

Robert Mercer Creates Split at Breitbart

Robert Mercer creates split at Breitbart

The right edge of Conservative Media took a hit last week when billionaire donor Robert Mercer intentionally distanced himself from Breitbart leader Steve Bannon and provocative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos before announcing his plans to divest himself of his stake in Breitbart and step down as CEO of the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund. While Mercer’s shares […]

News From Zeno Group, MWWPR, RF/Binder, Lippe Taylor, & Text100

mww pr

Zeno Group Becomes Global AOR for Lenovo Lenovo decided to consolidate their corporate and business units globally for their public relations including all their brands such as Motorola. That block of business is going to be handled by Zeno Group and should net them about $6 million. Other firms who pitched the RFP included WE […]

Bryant Rides the Pine in Pittsburgh

Bryant rides the pine in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers are rolling this year, but they may have to continue their winning ways without wide receiver Martavis Bryant. The wideout has been very vocal about his views on his current playing time via social media, and it looks like those posts are going to cost him. According to the Associated Press, Bryant […]

American Airlines Targeted by NAACP

American Airlines targeted by NAACP

The NAACP recently issued a travel advisory against American Airlines for what they feel are discrimination issues against travelers who are African-Americans. The advisory says that safety could be compromised by employees’ “troublesome conduct.” The Missouri chapter of the NAACP issued a similar notice in June against the State of Missouri for a number of […]

Of Washington Free Beacon, a Russian Dossier, and Guo Wengui

Of Washington Free Beacon, a Russian Dossier, and Guo Wengui

Is anything a surprise these days? Learning that conservative site Washington Free Beacon (WFB) was deeply involved with the dossier begun in 2014 to connect then-candidate Trump (and other pre-primary candidates) with Russian operatives … and that it was originally requested by Republicans and later the tab switched to Democrats … is almost blasé. Though […]