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IR Public Relations: Independent Investor Relations Firms

Investor Relations Firm

As the field of public relations grows in size and demand, competition rises. Some firms compete by expanding their services, and branching into other related areas. Other firms carve out niches to serve companies exclusively, or as a part of complete portfolios. One niche that gained popularity is investor relations PR. IR focuses less on […]

Avis Car Rental:  PR #FAIL on Israel Crisis

avis car rental pr fail

Avis Car Rental finds themselves in the midst of a major scandal, and Public Relations crisis. The New York Observer posted a story on Sunday morning at 9 AM, “Avis Car Rental Bars Israeli Executive from Renting” detailing an incident which occurred Saturday night at an Avis location in Manhattan where an Israeli pharmaceutical executive […]

Ebay and Paypal, a Model For Crisis PR Management

Ebay Splits with Paypal

When companies split, crisis easily ensues. In this conversation with Paypal VP Kirsten Wolberg about eBay and Paypal’s split last year, she discusses the different ways averting crisis becomes possible if companies take creative steps and have a firm grasp of company values. It’s rare for companies as large as Paypal and eBay to split, […]

Best Public Relations Firm in Italy

Italy PR Firms

Like many countries, Italy is fortunate enough to have an abundance of wonderful and reliable PR firms. Some are global, while others are more local. The few listed below present among the best Italy offers the PR industry. Ketchum PR: Italy Established in 1978 and based in Milan, Ketchum is one of the top-ranked PR […]

How to Craft A Byline Op-ed

Byline Op-ed

Writing any article meant to show someone else’s byline requires an understanding of the person’s viewpoint and any slant they prefer for the piece. If this is not the first article you’ve written for the author, you’ll know some information already. But here are some tips and tricks to submit the best job you can […]

Three Top Public Relations Firms in Germany

Top Germany PR Firms

The next international market we review is Germany – Internationally known for the technology and culture scenes in cities such as Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg, Germany provides a veritable hub of media and communications. Unsurprisingly, they host a number of distinguished public relations outlets. Here are three of Germany’s most outstanding PR firms. Big Bang […]

Fake Reviews Don’t Pay

fake reviews

Journalism is a precarious vocation. A writer must keep objectivity in mind despite the how reality-altering stories become to the general public. Remaining objective requires the writer to embody a voice and a morality perpetually altering the facts on the ground and in the minds of everyone involved with news or media. However, there are […]

How SXSW Fumbled GamerGate, And What They Must Do Next


GamerGate is not going away, and that uncomfortable fact is something every video game PR agency must consider when crafting a campaign and positioning their messages. This dynamic is no more real than at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference. SXSW, held annually in Austin, bringing together gamers, tech innovators and industry journalists for an […]