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Writing Great Headlines In Press Releases


It’s no secret. A press release can catapult your company or service into the public eye in a heartbeat, or it can end up in the trash bin, literally and virtually. Let’s make a choice. Let’s write a press release that gets results. Number one?  A killer headline. News professionals and journalists are hit with […]

Using PR to Launch your Company or Idea


A product or company launch is a one-and-done thing. If you do it well, your company or idea has a chance of success, if it all goes wrong, you don’t get a do-over, at least not easily. Since you probably already know the difference between media relations and public relations, you have an idea on […]

When Reporters Sleep With PR People, Publicists & Sources

When Reporters Sleep with PR people

It may sound the stuff of political thrillers or salacious television movies, but it does happen. Sometimes the relationships are much more than one and done too. For that reason, most news publications have rules built into their systems that reporters are expected to follow. In the case of the New York Times, reporters are […]

The Importance Of Media Training

Media Training everything-pr

Media training is a very beneficial workshop/training program helping teach individuals to coherently and effectively interact with reporters, journalists, and other members of the media during interviews and press conferences. It stops people from being quoted out of context in the media because of poor training in public speaking, lack of clarity, and miscommunication. If […]

Strong Investor Relations Firms

Strong Investor Relations

  Investor communications is a critical area. Investor communications develop the most effective two-way communication between the financial community, a company, and other constituents helping to secure the value of the investment. Its practitioners call on a highly specific knowledge base and experiential background. This niche’s set of requirements and necessary understanding of detailed regulations […]

Sard Verbinnen: One of America’s Leading Crisis Firms

Sard Verbinnen Firm

When it comes to big-time crisis, there are few PR firms as well plugged in as New York City based Sard Verbinnen & Co. Today’s headlines have the company managing crisis public relations for Twitter surrounding the resignation of their CEO, Dick Costolo. Sard Verbinnen CEO George Sard is reportedly personally managing the account. It […]

Middle America Public Relations Firms

Middle America PR Firms - everything-pr

Are there great PR firms in middle America? You ‘betcha! Ackermann PR. Ackermann is one of the Council of PR Firm’s top 100 and has about 30 years of communications and marketing experience. Ackermann is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. They mix branding, creative, and digital strategies with thought leadership, public relations, and research and consulting […]